5 ways to make SAP Business One adoption easy for your Organization

  • 03 April 2019
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SAP Business One is by and large considered to be one of the most admired and favorite ERP software that stands ready to meet the comprehensive challenges of business. But, we have also witnessed a few cases where the customers have faced a lack of adoption. Luckily, these user adoption hassles can be easily sabotaged while learning about a few best practices.

Encouraging effective adoption of new technology by executives, mid-level managers, employees, suppliers, vendors, and even customers requires a comprehensive strategy for organizational change management. It’s a continuous process, one that requires sustained engagement and unwavering support after going live.

Below is a run-down of five best practices driving ERP adoption in your organization.

1. Demonstrate the value to your team

Congratulations for investing in a robust and international-standard ERP for your organization. But are you facing complexity in user adoption or so? If you’re in a leadership role, demonstrate the real value of using SAP Business One. Collaborate closely with your team and state the importance of this ERP and show them how it can simplify their life and automate various business functions. Generally, people don’t realize how powerful SAP Business One can be until it becomes a part of their culture.

2. Keep your end users informed prior implementation phase

You can keep your end users well informed when it comes to ERP implementation. In general, why to leave implementation in the hands of others who won’t be using the system? This way, you will come one step closer to successful implementation and close more deals faster.

3. Commit to Ease and Simplicity

Customization is really important and required too at some point or the other. However, while customizing your software just don’t go overboard. When customizing your software, remember to keep it subtle and you just add the right add-ons which can facilitate you to work even better. So, the best tip is to keep the software as simple and functional so that you can find anything on your fingertips and manage your work flawlessly.

4. Educate users about the benefits

SAP Business One is a software that is often perceived as a tool that only reduces the manual efforts of your business users. But, this software is much more than that. The software is capable enough to meet the challenging demands that business users may confront on a daily basis, So, you must educate your business users to use this software to the maximum and leverage its capabilities.

5. Training, Training, Training

Training is paramount for any successful user adoption of software. So, it’s become really important to give adequate training on software that your users would be using. Let your users explore the incredible power of SAP Business One. You can further explore presentations, find demos, videos, case studies, and whitepapers to boost your knowledge. Whatever your preferred method of learning, you will be a step closer to using the software to its maximum efficiency.

All these tips will be certainly helpful to address the challenges of user adoption. What is the biggest hurdle that you’ve faced in recent times owing to user adoption of SAP BI ERP? What are your plans to mitigate the barrier of user adoption?

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