Euro 80 Billion Chemical and Agro-Industry Solutions Company Achieved Better Demand and Product Forecasting with Salesforce

Euro 80 Billion Chemical and Agro-Industry Solutions Company Achieved Better Demand and Product Forecasting with Salesforce






1500 CR

Company Overview

Multi-national chemical company dedicated to creating value through profitable growth and maintaining a position as the foremost leader in the field of chemistry. By leveraging innovation and cutting-edge technologies, the company actively pursues new market opportunities with a commitment to environmental protection and social responsibility.

UBSdigiCloud’s level of expertise, dedication and commitment were great and had a significant impact on the success of our Salesforce systems. We could achieve our ultimate objective of improving customer experience with forecasting capabilities and data insights. Plus, managing a huge product portfolio like ours is no easy feat. But we could accelerate processes with Salesforce. All this due to the right solutioning done by the UBSdigiCloud team.

– Product VP

Before: format constraints in existing software, challenges in ascertaining market demand for products

  • Agricultural Solutions company was looking to simplify forecasts for 15K products
  • Legacy, standalone software for chemical industry was in EU standard
  • Unable to upload on FTP and make accurate decisions
  • Process inefficiencies and delay in time-to-market due to lack of accurate insights

Why Salesforce & UBSdigiCloud?

  • The largest chemical company in the world embarked on a transformation of its sales volume planning and forecasting to enable sales teams to meet challenges better and be able to spend more time generating revenue for the business.
  • They chose Salesforce due to its capabilities to reduce costs, boost sales efficiencies and offer real-time insights on the go.
  • UBSdigiCloud had expertise in not just Salesforce integration but also Heroku (platform as a service from Salesforce) to download from FTP and insert data into salesforce.

After: seamless management of product and distributor-wise forecasting for 15K products

  • Forecasting and target – product-wise as well as distributor-wise in Salesforce.
  • They achieved agro-distributor onboarding automation
  • Easily managed farmer events/meets from one integrated platform – Salesforce.
  • Enriched their CRM with Heroku, Sales Cloud and Community Cloud to deliver a high-quality customer service experience, thus building customer retention and increasing overall customer satisfaction.

Efficiency gains

Forecast management

Better forecasting reports to stay on top of market trends and ahead of competition.

Forecast management

Drive revenue through smarter decision-making.

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