Global Leader in Personal Care Specialty Centralized Worldwide Customer Communication with Salesforce

Global Leader in Personal Care Specialty Centralized Worldwide Customer Communication with Salesforce


Personal Care




7,860 crores EUR

Company Overview

The Personal Care brand has worldwide operations with approximately 9K personal care chemical products. As a top partner to the global hygiene industry, they have established an extensive production footprint and maintain cutting-edge research and technical service facilities around the world. The Euro 80 billion company was looking at a global rollout of products made in China.

UBSdigiCloud’s recommendations and advisory enabled us to integrate our e-Commerce platform with multilingual support. With their knowledge of sales processes, automation, and best Salesforce CRM practices, we could bring all our customers and support reps get data on one platform. Everyone was glad to look at their proficiency and background in deploying large-scale enterprise applications with such transparency and ease. Made a big global rollout look like a breeze!


Before: challenges in eCommerce platform localization to improve customer satisfaction

  • With 9k personal care chemical products, an eCommerce scalable eCommerce platform was required for China and later global roll-out
  • One digital software needed to manage all customer queries and product tracking by sales representatives
  • Multilingual support for data such as product name description
  • Dynamic product page required for registered and unregistered users

Why Salesforce & UBSdigiCloud?

  • Salesforce is known to convert more potential customers with seamless B2C digital commerce transactions.
  • The CRM platform empowers customer service teams to get real-time insights using client data
  • UBSdigiCloud’s advisory and consulting as well as proven experience in implementing Salesforce made the company believe in them.
  • Recommendation to integrate eCommerce B2B marketplace with Salesforce Sales cloud/Community Cloud

After: automating customer handling process, transforming e-Commerce user experience

  • The creation of a multilingual B2B marketplace helped the client achieve localization and improve customer satisfaction.
  • They were able to provide an e-Commerce products in languages that are the most useful for customers.
  • Public pages showing product functionality could be accessed by everyone. The logged-in users would get further details (such as composition, filtered product search, wishlist, move to cart, convert to order, order back to cart, back to my wishlist, etc.)
  • Salesforce sales cloud and community cloud integration with SAP and a mobile application further helped manage inquiries in multiple languages from one location, anytime and anywhere.

Efficiency gains

Went global in record time

Minimized risk, cost, and technical complexity of entering tapping international customers.

Manage multiple customers and regions easily

Unify products sales, customer handling and regional language communication from a single framework.

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