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Ready for Your Annual Party? Make Sure You Don’t Get Fired!

Ready for Your Annual Party? Make Sure You Do not Get Fired!Dress your best, have a blast, but ensure that you do not get fired after this party!

With the year winding up, most organizations get in to the party mode. Annual parties or New Year celebrations, there are festivities in some way or the other. And often in this gung-ho, employees cross that thin line of professional etiquettes and land themselves in trouble.

Here are some simple tips to stay clear of any post party drama and avoid any unpleasant experience post the office soiree:

  • Say cheers, but only twice!

Office parties are not the spot to prove your drinking capacity. You know your limit the best, so stick to it. Do not let any form of peer pressure get the better of you.

  • Be in the right company

Annual get togethers are a great way to mingle with your colleagues informally and break the ice. However, make sure that you stay away from that guy lying on the dance floor or the pouring champagne all over. Whom are you spotted with also has an impact on your after party reputation.

  • No flirting, absolutely!

Even if your female colleagues are dressed to the nines, make sure that your conversation and compliments are professional. Do not comment or critique.

  • Dress smartly, be poised

It is an office party after all. Do not overdo anything. Choose an attire that’s classy and comfortable. Think about how you would want to look in the party pics.

  • Leave on time

There’s no need to be the last man standing. Leave at an appropriate time and voila, you have another memorable party on your list!

Well, if after reading this, attending an office party seems a task, so be it. It is your job and it is up to you to make sure that you do not become that next after party gossip at your workplace!

as the company’s fiscal year comes to a close. Don’t become a January termination statistic as a result of your actions at the office holiday party.