How Uneecops is fostering a positive work environment for teams working from home?

  • 03 April 2020
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We’re working in a brand new normal, where the CoronaVirus epidemic is vastly spreading like a wildfire. 

To slow the spread of this contagious virus, Uneecops has been practicing social distancing even before the lockdown was announced. Uneecops has rendered Mandatory Work from Home across its 9+ locations. We did it to minimize the impact of Covid-19 and ensure business continuity and services to our clients. 

We know this is a difficult time for all of us but we ensure the same level of support and services our clients expect from us. So, this is the first time all of our employees have been asked to work from home. To make this journey smoother, we ensured that they have everything they need. It’s been weeks as we implemented work from home policy in response to fighting deadly Corona Virus. 

Here’s how Uneecops is ensuring a positive work environment for all its team members of 500+ amidst lockdown. 

Empathy First 

Our employees as indicated above have been working from home. But, we feel there’s an added layer of apprehension and stress as people are often concerned about their health, family health, curfew, and lockdown situation. 

In this tough time and unprecedented environment, Uneecops stands ready to make sure their employees feel valued and safe. At the same time, our employees are replicating this empathy by showing their honesty, commitment, integrity and authenticity in their work. 

Ensuring uninterrupted services

We are in constant touch with employees to know if they are facing any hurdle in accessing any applications or service issues. This ensures that our team members are working hassle-free and getting help whenever they need it. Our IT and administrative staff are on their heels to help our team members around the clock. 

Hassle-free attendance marking

Each of our team members is using an HROne application for marking their attendance. The HRMS application is so easy to use and it does not require any formal training. The biggest advantage of this application is that there is no need to manually update time and maintain excel to login day-wise check and check out. 

Individual Managers playing a key role 

One single leader can not dictate the work of every team member. Individual managers thus play a key role here. To ensure every member has clear roles and responsibilities, there is a designated manager for each team to lead. We even have set a few parameters and templates where each manager articulates their own and team tasks. A set template is an easy way to gauge the productivity of every team member and is an ideal way to get the work down of our remote teams.

Daily Communication 

Communication is key. Team interaction and collaboration is essential as it removes any potential barriers and improves productivity. An evening quick call is an ideal way for teams and managers to gauge team members’ well being and keep a check on their daily work progress. 

Uneecops has always been benevolent towards the society by its consistent endeavor of “OM Foundation ” and other philanthropy activities. With the organization-wide work from home policy during the Covid-19 pandemic, we feel it’s a small token of contribution to keeping our society, employees, and customers safe. Corona Virus is frightening and alarming so we are taking all active measures to keep it at bay and advising our employees to do ‘Social Distancing’ by sticking to their homes at present. 
Talk to us for more information as to how we can help your business keep running smoothly with our business automation services. Covid-19 will be a thing of the past but to minimize the impact that this deadly Corona Virus will leave on our businesses before it vanishes, it is important to contact trusted digital transformation partners such as Uneecops.

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