Getting Social – The Next Step for HR Management

  • 09 December 2013
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There is a very popular adage that says, “If you can’t beat them, join them.” When the ‘them’ in this statement refers to ‘social media’, it becomes absolutely necessary to join it. More and more organizations are joining it and milking the multitude of advantages that come with it. Social media is not just a way to interact with someone but it is an important tool to hire people and build your brand. Don’t think that all this sounds very complicated or difficult. Here are some of the ways by which you can hire potential employees and build your brand through social media.

Recruiting – Being active on social media has many advantages. One of them is being a platform for recruiting potential employees through Social Recruitment. Maintaining an active social and digital presence provides to a lot of people an opportunity to directly interact with the organization. Tracking the digital footprints of such people gives an insight to their personalities and capabilities, which you can’t come across in a general interview. A lot of people are applying to various companies through their social media pages. So, it is a smart choice to target those people. Choosing someone who has an impressionable and a strong influence on social media can have positive advantages on your organization as well. Spend some time to look into such people who interact with you on social media and select the right candidates. Different sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn should be targeted.

Building your Brand – More and more brands are getting on social media platforms to interact with their consumers. It may be to share information directly or may act as a medium to take feedback and suggestions directly from the consumers. This lends a personal touch and authenticity. It helps build the trust too. With people turning to digital platforms in recent times, to praise or criticise various brands, it is smart to be on the same platform to address such issues and build your brand. It also shows your consumers that you are willing to hear them out and improve accordingly. This goes a really long way to maintain your brand value and building a loyal consumer base.

Listening – ‘Listening’ to people on social media has taken a new meaning. Tracking conversations about your brand on social media helps you know the general opinion of public towards your brand. It is not just your consumers that you can monitor to see how they are reacting to your brand and its campaigns. Monitoring how your employees voice their opinions about your organization help a lot. Since it is public and the conversations between people give a direct gateway to what they think, it helps you take necessary ‘positive steps’ accordingly.

Social media is not just about connecting and building relationships. Integrating it with traditional marketing techniques builds and maintains a strong employer brand. If you aren’t on social media already, you know what to do right away.

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