A Brief View on Uneecops SAP Business One Add-Ons

  • 18 November 2019
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Every business is unique and needs a solution that can manage their diverse business requirements. To meet the exact business needs, Uneecops has devised SAP Business One add-ons that prove to be a strategic asset for all growing companies. Our add-ons which are commonly known as Uneecops Plus+ facilitate customers to configure features and functionalities that were earlier possible with the major and time-taking development practices. Uneecops SAP Business One add-ons make it super easy to accommodate the needs of businesses more smartly. Let’s talk about one-on-one.   

Uneecops Plus+ Google Assist 

Our Google Assistant add-on discovers real-time data from SAP Business One in a fraction of seconds. Closely integrated with SAP Business One, our add-on digs out results from a massive number of files with no complexity. 

Uneecops Plus+ Quality Management 

Now it is super easy to maintain and track quality processes multiple levels like goods in, goods out, in process, etc and keep a check on user wise for different stages with this add-on.  

Uneecops Plus+ Subcontracting 

With this add-on, it becomes easy to define the purchase orders, manage scrap receipts against the job work order, load job work charges on the individual item cost, inventory reconciliation of job work vendor and so much more.  

Uneecops Plus+ WhatsApp & SMS 

This is a unique and most useful add-on which sends a dynamic message, sales order, sales invoice, purchase order, outgoing payments, event notification etc. So, this add-on keeps you updated all the time. 

Uneecops Plus+ Sales Portal 

This add-on is used by mega mall or multi-chain outlets majorly. This add-on provides real-time information which includes customer and supplier history, view sales and purchase order, payment and receipt, activity creation and capture feedback by customer effortlessly. 

Uneecops Plus+ Packaging

The add-on helps in evaluating scrap percentage, auto-calculates scrap based on the stand and actual yield, keep a track of ink, cylinder and batch costing management.  

Uneecops Plus+ City Gas Supply Management 

This add-on helps manage business operations of PNG & CNG Gas Distribution. The add-on keeps a tab of daily input and output gas reconciliation, gas dispensing management, bulk billing generation, and bulk payments collection & auto reconciliation.

Uneecops Plus+ Pharma  

This is our SAP-certified add-on which helps in management and tracking of formulation, batch planning, track expiry dates, auto-generates BMR and BPR, evaluates product cost. Leading Pharma firms are using this Pharma add-on to meet the varied needs of Pharmaceutical production and related activities. 

Uneecops Plus+ Publication 

This add-on helps track royalty agreement, simplify royalty calculation, manage dynamic schemes based on discount matrix & FOC Items, track specimen copies distribution, manage inventory based on multiple UOMs like Series & Series No / Volume etc and simplify the complexities of publication firms.  

Uneecops Plus+ Mall Management  

This add-on has been doing great in the mall and facility business. It records the details of the DG section, AC plants, escalators, boiler section, helps in electricity management, gas management, biometric, and maintains a record of footfall analysis, concierge, support, and other vital services happening in commercial outlets. 

Uneecops Plus+ Food and Beverages

The add-on helps in the quality and expiry process, manages recipe with batch traceability, calculates commission of dealers and auto credit notes, evaluates price matrix based on location, branch, scheme, freight cost etc.   

Uneecops Plus+ Dairy 

It is now no more a battle to capture shift wise milk procurement data, simplify the process of calculating milk rates based on SNF & FAT factors, manage daily city supply orders, track processed milk stock in production tanks, auto-debit notes to sales agencies against daily returns, track and handle broken tray and crates etc.  

Uneecops Plus+ Plant Maintenance 

This add-on facilitates businesses to addresses multiples issues prevailing in a manufacturing business. Whether it is related to taking preventive action, material dent, taking machine breakdown and shutdown action, this add-on can help you in everything. Need to track AMC and warranty tracking too, our add-on facilitates you that. 

Uneecops Plus+ Warehouse and Logistics Management 

This add-on helps in bin allocation, sends alerts on items, expiry date through email and SMS. This also helps in freight, sales agreement and rate charge management etc. 

Uneecops Plus+ EXIM

This add-on effortlessly handles license management, export promotion scheme and manage end to end license processes. This offers a one-stop solution for the efficient management of export and import. 

So, whether you are in pharma, retail, manufacturing, logistics, construction, trading, packaging or any other business we have custom solutions for you. Uneecops has specially designed add-ons that facilitate businesses to meet their exact business demands. Willing to take your SAP Business One to the next level? We can make it happen. 

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