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Uneecops as your SAP Business One MVAR

MVAR is your Master Value Added Reseller. The profile of the MVAR is to help and support the EBM(Extended Business Members). The EBMs will get help in marketing, pre sales, closing the deals, enabling the partner for implementation and support.

Lead Generation Engine to Support Our Partner

Uneecops have multiple engines internally to generate leads for partners. We generate leads for partner through outbound calls , inbound marketing and digital marketing .Our outbound team provide value addition by running specific campaigns on partner provided data to generate leads in their specific region and industry.

Partner Enablement Program

Uneecops has a pre-defined partner enablement program of 75 hours which will help partner to learn Pre-sales, Sales and Implementation of SAP Business One in much convenient way through our Solution Experts with free study material(online) and free classroom training.

On Job Sales & Pre- Sales Training

Uneecops sales and pre sales experts will accompany the partners on the field for meetings in the initial months.This will help the partners in improving the pitch for the product & service offerings, as per different industry requirements.

Partner Care Desk

Uneecops has a dedicated customer care for our partners where a partner can raise any issue related to SAP Business One (functional or technical) and our expert team will give solution to our partner’s issue.

Marketing Development Funds

Uneecops will also help you to source the marketing development funds from SAP. These can be used for events and marketing activities to promote SAP Business One in your region.

Uneecops Solutions & Infrastructure Access

At Uneecops we have 12 add-on solutions which are customised to cater to specific industry needs. Apart from that we have other independent solutions in the fields of Business Intelligence, Analytics, HR and Education. We also have our own SAP HANA servers. All these would be available to partners for live demo as and when needed.

On Demand Pre Sales Support

Dedicated Pre Sales expert will be available to support and enable our partners. They can assist you in creating the best value proposition for the prospective customers, in order to win deals faster.

Implementation Support

Years of experience has helped us develop the right methodology for implementing SAP Business One solution. We will help and support our partner’s team in implementing the solution, if required.

Manpower Support for implementation

Don’t want to invest in fixed cost overhead at initial stage of the business. Uneecops can provide SAP Business One trained resources at the man month cost to partners on project basis. It will help the partners to successfully implement the solutions at lower cost.

Uneecops Partner Enablement Program

The sales and pre-sales training program by Uneecops
  • Overview: SAP Business One
  • SAP Business One Market Overview
  • SAP Business One Inside Sales / Telesales Pitch .
  • SME Pain Areas in order to create ERP need
  • SAP Business One Initial Meeting Sales Pitch.
  • SAP Business One License Policy .
  • Uneecops Vertical Solution Overview.
  • SAP Business One Solution Demo
  • Uneecops Add-on Solution Demonstration
  • On Field Sales Training

This is webinar training program where training of each module will be provided in detail followed with the pre- sales skills.

We covers all the SAP Business One standard modules like
• Finance
• Sales
• Purchase
• Inventory
• CRM-Sales & Service
• Production
The whole training will be divided into 5 sessions of 2 hour each, which is been followed by partner queries.

Uneecops live is a training program where Uneecops pre-sales expert will look forward to see the detail demo of the solution by the partner team. Uneecops expert will reach down to partner office and will ask them to run a live demo in front of them, and suggest the partner the right skills to showcase the demo.

This will help the partner team to get ready for pre-sales of SAP Business One.

    TB training will give to partner by implementation team in order to enable them for implementation and development

  1. TB 1000: Logistics, Service and Human Resources
    Fundamentals of SAP Business One, Master Data, Purchasing (Account Payable), Sales opportunity (CRM), Sales (Account Receivable), Inventory, Production, MRP, Document Handling, Cross Functionalities, Service(CRM) and Human Resources
  2. TB1100: Accounting
    Financial Accounting, Cost Accounting, Banking, Period End Closing and Reporting.
  3. TB 1200: Implementation and Support
    Installation and Administration, User Defined Fields and Table, Queries, Alerts and Approvals, Formatted Search, Designing the Print Layout, Data Migration, Support for SAP Business One and Implementation and Operation.
  4. TB 1300
    • SDK Introduction • The Data Interface API • The User Interface API
    • Cross UI API/DI API Topics • SAP Business One Development Tools
    • SDK Installation & Support Processes • Add-On Packaging, Add-On Administration

After the completing all the SAP Business One trainings of Sales, Pre-Sales and Implementation . Uneecops Experts at the Uneecops Partner care will support your team and share knowledge on the issues they face in daily pre-sales and implementation so that your team have a smooth implementation and successful pre-sales of solution

Uneecops Partner Program

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