Automate your dairy business affordably with ERP software for Dairy Industry

  • 15 July 2019
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Acquiring visibility from the supply chain from raw material to packaging and storage to shelf life to preserving the nutritional aspects of products are a few key requirements of the dairy business to run successful and at peace. SAP Business One can help meet these requirements by offering a proven, and systematic technology to meet your business initiatives. With elegant, intuitive dashboards and easy navigation, SAP Business One gives you deeper insight as to how to proceed smartly and win in this competitive dairy landscape where competition is fierce and to stay agile and smart is the new norm

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Inventory Management Becomes Easier

With a modern look and feel, SAP Business One enables dairy manufacturers to quickly check their milk supply levels, create stock levels, reduce order count and provide quick access to stock shortage. With uncluttered layouts, it allows dairy manufacturers to glean quick insights on major vitals that matters them to the most to make informed decisions in time.

Invoicing module saves time

Invoicing is made super fast and easy with SAP Business One. With this software, it is really easy to view invoice and approve multiple invoices. This ensures all invoices are posted correctly and there are no discrepancies on the same. This could be important metrics for evaluating a company’s profit.

Easy to perform “What if” Analysis

It is vital to keep a tab on any surge in price well in advance. The “what-if analysis” feature allows dairy users to determine how a change of price in one commodity like bread, butter, cheese, cottage cheese, spreads, yogurts and others may affect other factors in total.

Easily disclose Nutritional Information

Consumers always prefer to pick a product and read nutritional information thoroughly.
With SAP Business One, it is relatively easy to disclose nutritional information without any complexity. The nutritional value can be entered manually or imported using a catalog stating the nutritional value of dairy products.

Sales Report Analysis to Plan Strategically

The SAP Business One Sales Analysis Report helps to keep a close tab at transactions, sales and depict the trends over the sales volume of your business. This reports precisely give a ballpark view as to whether sales are declining or increasing. At any moment of time, sales managers may use this report and decide the best course of action to improve probability and minimize losses.

SAP Business One is the Answer to all Challenges in the Dairy Industry

Dairy companies face a huge number of challenges to comply with food safety, packaging, and labeling regulations, predict demand, minimize wastage, manage shelf life, track inventory and offer better food choices and many others. So, to ensure the path of success and sustainability, you can count on affordable ERP such as SAP Business One.

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