Best Ways to Mitigate Security Concerns and Embark Safely to the Cloud

  • 17 February 2020
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Safely to the Cloud

Cloud computing has opened the gateway to massive opportunities enabling businesses of all sizes to collaborate and work on the new level. Through the cloud, we are able to scale faster without any complexity, save cost with the pay-as-you-go model, streamline key business processes and be more competitive. But, for all these potential benefits, the idea of embarking on cloud erp technology still invokes dubiety. If security, data breaches and stealing company’s sensitive information keeps you worried, you can keep this blog handy to ensure data security on cloud.  

Ensure Data backup is physically separated 

To avoid any probabilities of data errors, make sure your data backup is safely done. To avoid any chance of mishap or grave mistakes, make sure your enterprise data is always kept separate from other customer data. Ask your cloud provider about the high-level security administrative access to your enterprise data. Further inquire about whether your data encryption is at the highest possible standards.  

Evaluate State of the Art Data Centers 

It’s important to ask the cloud providers about the data centers and safety protocols they are implementing to keep your data safe and sound. Further, ensure that their state-of-the-art data centers are regularly monitored to ensure they meet the exact business standards. 

No third party co-location data centers and providers 

Care must be given to ensure that your cloud vendor is not using any third-party co-location data centers and providers. When you are choosing any partner, it is important to conduct a strict evaluation to ensure that partners are not relying on any third-party data centers. Once you have ensured that your data is safe and sound, you can focus your attention on other types of security. 

Engage the right Software Vendors  

Before you invest in Cloud computing, your first goal should be to engage the right software providers. The vendor plays a critical role in performing security and maintaining integrity. Visit their website, ask your friends and look around for recommendations. Ask a series of questions and concerns you may have around Cloud ERP Software deployment. You need to ask all these vital details from them to know you are engaged with the right partner to stay safe.  

Monitor all Security Aspects  

Your software partner should know everything about malware management, high availability, disaster recovery, data encryption, 24 x 7 security monitoring, business continuity management, multi-tenancy, and much more. They should be familiar with strong authentication and access management tools that ensure your data is safe and sound in all conditions. 

There is no sure-fire way to security.. It is about engaging the right partner from the beginning. Leading businesses have been trusting SAP Business One Cloud ERP to meet their current and future needs. So, if you have been lately thinking about moving to SAP Business One Cloud then Uneecops is the right partner for your Cloud ERP initiatives.        

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