What role does ERP play in the sports industry?

  • 18 February 2020
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sports industry ERP

The sports industry has witnessed a striking growth in the past few years. This necessitates the need for advanced and enterprise-ready software to manage the ongoing complexities of this business. To keep pace with the escalating demand and other key business challenges, sports companies are leaving behind their legacy software and stepping in the era of digitization. They are managing event processes and customer records more efficiently and simplifying HR processes and driving better business results.

So, if you are one of the sports companies who wants to handle purchase orders, invoices, and payments and manage employees spend with an integrated travel and expense management, SAP Business One is the best ERP to go about. Available for hockey, basketball, rugby, cricket, and other sports, SAP Business One software helps coordinate all administrative, ticketing, team management, scouting, schedule management for fitness and medical process and much more.  

Let’s talk about more such capabilities of SAP Business One for your sports industry. 

Inventory management

SAP Business One maintains a clear record of inventory details, manages inter-warehouse transfer, handles large volumes of products efficiently and generates real-time reports. The software also enables all sports companies to handle large volumes of production and keep a track of overstock and understock goods in a close time frame. This close monitoring helps to drill down to a specific product item in real-time without any complexity. This also helps in better inventory planning thus maximizing customer satisfaction and profitability. 

End to end tracking of ticket bookings and sales 

Another standout feature of this smart ERP Software is the integrated CRM module. This module helps sports companies to manage tickets, track fan and membership details, decide its sales channels, provide visibility into ticketing and customer data and configure and manage targeted campaigns. This comprehensive system makes managing data simple thus bringing in more profitability and agility to win higher.  

Manage daily finances 

Another big feature of SAP Business One which often goes unnoticed is the complete suite of financial management capabilities. Often companies rely on the book accounting software to help manage their financial needs. SAP Business One offers a complete suite of finance systems to automate all financial activities, streamline cash inflow, reduce errors, eliminate the need for manual entries,  automate account receivables and payables and handle all key financial processes with ease.  

Manage sports injury and treatment

Now it is easy to manage sports injury and treatment and keep a record of player health and fitness in one central place. Gain insights into players’ health by diving deep into their fitness histories. With dashboards and analytics from SAP, you can keep a track of sports injury and propose them the right solution when things are automated and data is visible. This boosts players’ morale as they feel valued. Further, all players will receive accurate and timely treatment thus speeding the time of their comeback.  

GST billing & multiple payment modes

Creating GST compliant invoices takes a matter of time. Why worry about GST when everything can be streamlined with GST compliant software.  The software helps in GST filing and help you stay compliant as per the industry norms. Plus, the software has multi-lingual and multi-currency capabilities that help you address the varied requirements of this business. 

Production & Packaging Planning

Now it is easy to manage and keep a record of complex packaging, production, and planning processes. This includes scrap management, raw material management, auto-batch generation for finished and semi-finished goods.

Thanks to digitization, sports industry are managing their inventory better, keeping a track of sports injuries for players and their treatment, automating ticket sales, managing campaigns, sponsor details and membership details and so much more with SAP Business One.  

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