BI software- The Guiding Torch for businesses to rest their analysis

  • 07 July 2020
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Business intelligence

Data has become the guiding torch for businesses to rest their analysis. Enterprises that embrace advanced BI software can leapfrog the curve as they are empowered with a rich set of insights. On an estimate, businesses are generating around 44 trillion gigabytes of information. The figures point out the need of analyzing data to avoid any repercussions and risk of losing a competitive edge.

Businesses, especially the new-age ones have already begun to invest in Tableau software to take an early advantage. This move is placing them on top of their competitors as these organizations can find critical insights about their customer buying patterns, preferences, and keep a tab on almost everything.  The secret of success is mining data deep and gleaning critical insights that will help companies to outdo the competition. 

To unlock the vital secret of success, what is required most is the use of business analytics software such as Tableau. 

Data means dollars

OYO Rooms is one of the leading examples which is using analytics. The company is using big data science to identify the right demand and mine intelligence about customer behavior patterns and predict the best action of each user. 

Similarly, even startups can compete with large organizations in terms of precision, agility and responding dynamically to customers. BI can be a formidable force for success and outperform competitors. Well, the purpose of implementing BI is way beyond belittling the competition.

Organizations – big, mid or small in almost all industry verticals will soon realize the new currency is data. It is key to understanding customers and responding timely to business problems. 

Data Tsunami assured- Solution Tableau 

The IoT and artificial intelligence, which has begun to speed up and redefine many aspects of customer service, will trigger the data tsunami in the future. As the IoT becomes mainstream, it will explode in whopping numbers and there would be great urge and demand to invest in BI software such as Tableau in every organization. 

In addition, it is about capturing useful information and gaining answers to several key questions. BI tools have tackled this data deluge in the past and even in the present. However, many traditional BI tools fail to provide sales forecasts, predict market trends, customer behavior, on a real-time basis for faster decision making. Modern BI software can uncover hidden patterns and trends, capitalize on a wider array of new data sources and give answers in minutes that formerly took a long time.

With all these benefits of Tableau software, enterprises of all shapes and sizes are eager and inquisitive to expedite their digital transformation journey and invest in Tableau BI which is believed to be a huge differentiator for all kinds of businesses including the startups. 

Nidhi Batra

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