Building Retail Presence With SAP

  • 01 June 2015
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Retailers constantly face the challenge of retaining a high recall value and stay relevant for all their customers. Numerous brands clutter the market and share an extremely competitive space. This in turn leads to a chaotic environment where the customers get confused. Thus, it becomes imperative for retailers to have a strong presence, translating into a higher rate of success.

Unfortunately, building a retail presence isn’t as simple as it sounds. The business world has changed and so have the rules of playing the competitive games. This is an age where the customers have the power of directing the company’s success right at their fingertips. Retail companies have to make sure that they maintain a constant presence without misaligning any business objectives. This is where SAP B1 partners step in and ensure that retailers have a strong presence with the help of SAP. Let us see some ways how SAP proves to be every retailer’s friend.

SAP Helping the Retail World

SAP introduces numerous changes in retail industries. Some benefits will be observed in a long term basis, while others can be experienced immediately.

  • Managing and Optimizing Inventory

The most awkward thing that a retail business can experience is realizing something is not in stock after a customer requests for it. Imagine, advertising a great deal on some products and receiving a great response from the customers too. They might visit your store, physical or digital, only to find out that the advertised products were unavailable. It will result in unsatisfied customers and eventually harm the overall sales due to the number of sales trickling down. SAP can efficiently solve this issue by optimizing inventory. It records all the purchasing data and helps in determining which stores observe demands for which products. Accordingly, the system ensures that all the stores are stocked up on those products and that their inventory is up-to-date. This translates into satisfied customers, decrease in markdowns and an eventual increase in sales.

  • Understanding and Bridging the Communication Gap with Customers

The only way to achieve success in business is to give the customers what they want. By selling products that hold no relevance to your targeted customers doesn’t make any sense. However, even with relevant products, you need to have a thorough understanding of your customers. Since doing that manually would be slightly difficult, SAP lends a helping hand in the same. The system can help retailers understand the customers better. Their demands are tracked, in real time and historically. SAP B1 partners suggest that this significantly improves customer interaction as well.

Based on the shopping patterns of online customers, SAP system studies the purchase history, online carts and pushes recommendations accordingly during the current ongoing sale. The same can be applied in a physical store, where the attendants can view the shopper’s purchasing history through the billing system and recommend suggestions. SAP collects all the significant data that would help organizations in highlighting various shopping aspects of the customers, like their demands, preferences and history. This further enhances the communication with the customers and understands their needs accurately.

  • Personalizing the Brand Experience

Every customer likes to be the center of attention when they are shopping. When they find products that they need, without them asking for it, there is no doubt that they would feel extremely special.  According to the best SAP partners in India, personalizing the brand experience elevates the shopping experience for every customer. SAP system provides the customization factor by producing data unique to every customer. Their patterns, demands and shopping history contribute to providing a personalized experience to each and every customer.

If you have a retail business minus SAP, there is a lot you are missing upon. Don’t let your company lag behind since there are very few mistakes that one can afford to make in this cut-throat competitive market. One slip here and there and your company can go south. Implement SAP in your organizational structure and as best SAP partners in India recommend, do it as soon as possible. There are a lot of factors that contribute to a strong retail presence. SAP assures to reduce the burden by taking care of most of them.

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