For Successful ERP Implementation, Right Partner is the Key

  • 01 June 2020
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Right Key Partner

Choosing the right ERP partner is key to accelerating the client’s journey to success and value-driven implementation in the long run. So, when looking for an ERP partner, it is imperative to look at the big picture. The one who has industry-specific expertise and can help you identify the right technology and be with you at every step of your digital transformation. 

Here are key criteria for organizations looking for the right implementation partner:

1. Partner with a consultative approach  

Today’s business needs and challenges are much more intense and complex than ever. To embark on a safe journey, you must align with the right ERP implementation partner. A partner with a consultative approach who has specialized expertise to address your business needs. A partner who ensures a smooth transition to SAP Business One, prompt rollout, robust production support and maintenance, and low-risk upgrade.  

2. Seek Relevance and Expertise 

Look for a partner who has been around for years, so compare the relative experience of vendors and select those with successful implementation and deep industry experience. These partners will be able to understand the strategy, business needs and challenges unique to your business. 

3. Partner with an impressive clientele base

Ask for the case studies, testimonials, and client references. These testimonials can be useful to help you make the right decision, however, one must pay due diligence to look behind the curtain. It’s critical to inquire about a list of clients and you can ask their experiences and contact them if needed. 

4. Look for a partner who thinks beyond the implementation 

Look for a partner that can help you realize real business objectives from an ERP implementation. It’s important to find a partner with a perspective on how the ERP fits into your business landscape and what problems it solves, not just a partner that will just implement SAP Business One. Ask a series of questions and concerns you may have around ERP Software deployment. 

5. Strong partnership with SAP 

The right partner should have a strong and close alliance with SAP. He must have demonstrated a great level of expertise and backed by several accolades for the same. This helps you ascertain that the partner you are considering for your project is the right one. 

6. Ask about the safety parameters 

It’s important to ask the ERP providers about the data centers and safety protocols they are using to maintain the integrity of data. Further, ensure that their state-of-the-art data centers are regularly monitored to ensure they meet the exact business standards. Your ERP implementation partner should be wary about everything. Be it malware management, high availability, disaster recovery, security monitoring, and managed services. 

There is no sure-fire way to ERP implementation success.  It is about engaging the right partner from the beginning. So, if you have been lately thinking about moving to cloud-based ERP, then Uneecops is the right partner for your SAP Business One initiatives. Uneecops has always been the preferred partner of choice for SAP Business One implementations for over years. As a renowned partner of SAP for over a decade, Uneecops offers great value than other partners.  

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