How Does SAP Help Pharmaceutical Company Grow

  • 19 August 2015
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Every pharmaceutical company faces unique challenges as compared to other manufacturing companies and industries. Not only it has to address those challenges in the best way possible but also match up to the pace at which it is growing. New research and evolving developments sets new horizons for the industry, helping it to grow a little more each day. SAP Business One services cater to all such challenges, innovations and developments in the industry and facilitates its growth.

Some of the most common problems faced by this industry are high operational costs, complying with regulations, lack of infrastructure, complex supply management and distribution system, strict pharmaceutical regulations to name a few. As an industry, they are always looking for measures to reduce costs, adhere to compliance regulations, increase productivity and produce better results. SAP solutions help in the following ways:

–          Identifying problems with ease

One of the best ways of tackling problem is to identify and foresee potential risks. However, pharmaceutical companies are bombarded with massive amounts of data. The details can get lost in them and trying to trace back the problem’s origin to data can be quite a task. Not only does it results in wasted effort and time, but also compromises the quality and integrity of the product. You do not want to be stuck with a stack full of files and papers on your tale, trying to determine what went wrong or what would go wrong. Instead, implementing SAP will help companies in analyzing the data accurately, recognizing potential and existing problems, and fix them before damage can be done. It identifies and considers problems in different phases such as manufacturing, raw material, quality control, supply chain and packaging.

–          Smooth execution of various business strategies

SAP Business one partners have observed that pharmaceutical industries rely heavily on research and development. Based on available data, several business strategies are designed on paper, which need to be translated in actuality too. Business strategies are not only focused on higher sales but also on identifying opportunities in the market, maintaining healthy relations with customers/vendors, and keeping in touch with the medical world. SAP solution caters to all these aspects through multiple features and its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module. It helps companies perform thorough analysis of the market, work with concerned medical members, execute campaigns successfully across multiple channels. After all, strategies won’t be successful if they are confined to the papers they were designed upon!

–          Tracking of products

It is common knowledge that pharmaceutical industries cannot afford to make even one tiny mistake because one faulty batch of products can result in harm the physical being of a person, extremes resulting to death. This would create a domino effect leading to bad reputation of the company, threatening its very existence. In case a situation like that occurs companies should have the capability to trace back the concerned products in the quickest and accurate way possible. ERP services help in doing the same in a paper-less manner. With third party peripherals such as RFID technology or auto ID equipment, tracking products and monitoring them becomes much simpler and accurate. This prevents the possibility of a mishap, quick recovery in case of a problem and helps in maintaining a positive public image.

–          Maintaining compliance

One of the most crucial aspects for every pharmaceutical company is to maintain compliance. There is no exception to this rule. Considering the sensitive nature of this industry, its products and the harmful effects it can have on the consumers, healthcare agencies draw certain rules and regulations which have to be complied with. SAP offers different features and modules that help companies follow these regulations to the t. Moreover, these features are flexible for accommodating compliance in different organizational processes.

SAP Business One pharma ERP partners insist that the solution should be a part of various laterals of the pharmaceutical industry, not just the manufacturing unit. SAP solution should be included at every stage of supply chain management, customer care and support. When all the bases are covered, positive outcome can be guaranteed.

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