SAP Business One for Pharma Industry

Recalibrate Your Pharma Business Towards Success

Centralize all records, analyze opportunity pipelines, and integrate all Pharmaceutical industry processes like formulations, routing, operations, costing and quality with ERP for Pharma industry.

Find out how Uneecops is helping Pharma companies to improve the speed of decision making, quality of care, and reduce operational costs with SAP Business One for Pharma Industry

Features of Pharma Industry Solution

Robust and enterprise-ready Pharmaceutical ERP software to address all your business challenges.

Benefits of SAP Pharma

Discover the competitive edge your company will enjoy as you adopt SAP for pharma industry.

Streamline Production and Operations

Now, it is easy to perform batch planning and auto-create an intermediate production order. You can also complete the re-work process, stage-wise yield calculation, define routing/sequence for operations or stages, and undertake the stage-wise revaluation of product costing and its calculation.

Quality Stability

SAP in Pharma Industry helps maintain a record of analysis, certificate of analysis, QC-based approval/rejection management, re-testing process management, validation for microbiology test result, efficient complaint management, stability analysis & maintenance for a product launch and integrated sampling for the production process

Quality Management

Conduct inspection and automatically quarantine suspicious or substandard items for further inspection or disposal. Generate certificate of analysis for Intermediate, Raw Material, IPOQC, in process inspection and Finished Goods Product. Quality Test provision for control and stability sample with Pharma ERP software.


Access all reports from trend analysis for finished goods, A R No. wise stock, trend analysis for Finished Goods (Graphical View), stock ledger as per schedule, stability study summary to master stability schedule. Efficiently perform daily production analysis, batch yield analysis, trend analysis, group-wise expenditure analysis and statutory reports.

Advanced Features

Pharma ERP software has advanced features like alert management, approval procedure, document management- DMS, mailing, SMS and alerts, dashboards, MIS Reports, query manager, I-Phone/I-Pad Integration, MS spreadsheet integration and MS outlook integration.

Regulatory Compliance and Reporting

Manage exceptional events with automated workflow and alerts. Get forward and reverse traceability with automated recall capabilities of Pharma ERP. Have security audit tracking, archives of historical transactions & electronic signature approvals. Easily define the process validation and generate BMR/BPR report as per GMP Compliance.

Industry Challenges

The environment in which Pharmaceutical companies operate is dynamic and driven by complexities such as finding per unit product costing, minimizing operational work, material traceability, managing BMR/BPR, maintaining formulation, production, WIP, Costing, monitoring expiry alerts & FEFO based material consumption. etc.

Current challenges also include :

  • Complexity in managing GMP compliance
  • Tracking material wastage, expiry etc.
  • Tedious activity to maintain inventory both group-wise & warehouse wise
  • Difficult management of BMR/BPR
  • Tracking multi-branches in a real-time scenario
  • Changing Government regu-lation
  • Difficulty in handling process integration & streamlining the process
  • Maintaining pricing list of the different region after the expansion of DPCO (Drugs Price Control Order)
  • Quality Testing for products as per their parameters and methods
  • Problem in maintaining formulation, production, WIP, Costing etc.
  • Retesting of Product on their retest date
  • Strong Taxation System enforcement in India like– VAT, GST
  • No software to support R & D for data analysis
  • Maintaining the Blending and Purification process in software

In its quest to mitigate all the ongoing challenges and garner quick and smart results, Pharma leaders are investing in SAP Pharma ERP software to help drive their business initiatives and automate the process that was once tedious, time-consuming, monotonous highly-error prone.

Experience the Power of SAP Business One

The best ERP for Pharma opted by thousands of Pharmaceutical companies across the globe.

GMP compliance
GMP compliance

Handle the primary requirements of GMP compliance by enforcing the standards through an automated system, which ultimately results in 100% GMP Audit Clearance.

Master Data Administration
Master Data Administration

Merge, cleanse and maintain an accurate view of master data within a diverse application landscape such as organizational, customers, items, products, process etc.


Using SAP in pharmaceutical industry, you can Easily track the genealogy of a product while having complete visibility into your inventory and operations.

Real-time BMR BPR management
Real-time BMR BPR management

Leave aside the paper and maintain Batch Records (BR) like Batch Manufacturing Records (BMR) and Batch Packing Records (BPR) process to comply with the requirements of regulatory standards.

Here’s how we do it;

Multiple pharmaceutical giants across India trust Uneecops and manage complex data and compliance with a single scalable solution called SAP Business One.

Together with brainstorming ideas and ideating your technology and business challenges and needs, our SAP Business One consultants conduct a thorough research which forms the backbone of Pharma implementation which includes but not limited to facility location and design, inventory and distribution planning, capacity and production planning and detailed scheduling.

Further, to improve compliance, operational and other processes in your pharma business, our team follows dispensing process, dispensing tagging, batch wise cost estimation, capacity planning, auto bin location, stage wise yield calculation, QC analyst allocation, user role validation and define routing / sequence for operations or stages in SAP Business One.

We also go one step ahead and help our clients make the most out of their investment with SAP Business One and help them to apply filters, upgrade, cleanse and enrich their humongous past and present database residing in silos bringing high-visibility to all their departments.

No wonder then, an increasing number of pharma organizations are deploying Pharmaceutical industry software to improve the speed of decision making, the quality of care, and integrate all critical business processes with smart and next-gen ERP to reduce operational cost substantially.

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