How ERP software can benefit your sports business?

  • 14 August 2019
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The sports industry over the years has seen a steady rise in demand for sports equipment and other related products. This growing demand has meant that centralization in the sports industry has become critically important in maintaining optimal quality in the face of huge demand. To keep pace with this growing demand and other key challenges, companies are turning to SAP Business One solution to streamline their cumbersome data without putting a strain on their resources.

We look at certain key features that sports companies will benefit from SAP Business One, and how they can help in maximising their bottom-lines. 

Seamlessly handle large volumes of production 

The system integrates a unique defined logical warehouse feature that tracks the movement of sports products from one location to another. This unique feature set enables sports manufacturers to seamlessly handle large volumes of production in multiple locations in an organised and efficient manner. This efficiency of delivery-output of goods to customers has a top-down affect which positively impacts processes across verticals, resulting in increased revenue.  

Track sponsorship sales, ticket bookings and other tasks 

Another fundamental feature of the SAP Business One solutions is the integrated customer relationship management tool that helps sports companies track sponsorship sales, ticket bookings, fan / membership details, online transactions, loyalty points and other details about their customers.  This single delivery system makes managing data simple, thus freeing-up manpower for other tasks. 

Manage your daily finances accurately  

Another big feature of the SAP Business One solution that often gets overlooked is the complete financial management capabilities that it offers. Sports companies generally tend to purchase or have an existing accounting tool to help them manage their daily finances. The SAP Business One solution offers a comprehensive package that includes complete financial management like predefined payment terms, general ledger, sales, purchasing, budgeting and reporting. This helps sports businesses to maintain their finances accurately and lower customer credit balances.  

Completing sales tracking

 The SAP Business one solution provides all personnel within the sales channel to adequately track pending orders and ensure timely delivery of orders to end customers. This is an important step in the supply chain process, as it enables sales personnel to closely follow-up with client orders in the delivery process. In addition, reporting on sales with a history of tracking is available at hand when the need arises, ensuring better data analysis and improved decision making.  

Maximize player availability 

The software enables sports leaders to keep a tab on player health by managing the injury and other health related record at a centralized place.  With dashboards and analytics from SAP, there is now great visibility into player health and his availability. 

Thanks to SAP Business One, sports companies are waking up to services that are transforming the sports industry for the better. Now running a sports business no longer needs to be an arduous task which takes considerable resources. With SAP Business One it’s now easy to streamline operations and hit all-time high revenues.    

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