How Tableau Dashboards bring agility and boost profitability in the retail industry?

  • 10 June 2020
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Tableau Dashboards Visualisation

The retail industry is rapidly turning to business intelligence software to discover more and interact with their dashboards. Some of the world’s largest retail chain companies have embraced the technology to gain end-to-end transparency in their business and make more effective decisions. 

In this blog, we will talk about a few interesting dashboards that empower retail chain companies to act smarter than before. 

Product Availability

Having the right product in the right store at the right time is one of the fundamentals of the retail business. This dashboard gives a clear picture of correct inventory levels at all times. You can analyze product availability and drill down by category, day, store location conveniently. Further, retailers can identify gaps in product availability and prove the reason for the same with the drill-down option in Tableau. 

Analyzing pre-and-post promotional activities 

It’s easier to base your analyses of pre-post promotional activities and success. This dashboard gives a glimpse of retailers as what’s happening in the promotional cycle and marketing campaigns. The promotional analysis will help retailers to prepare well in advance and fill the need of any inventory stock shortage. 

Shopping Cart Analysis and Behavior

Understanding online shopping cart behavior is critical for retailers. Tableau can help retailers analyze various traffic streams, measure the behavior of customer segments, and help analyze variables affecting shopping cart. This analysis helps retailers decide and measure the frequency of customers stepping out and removing items from their cart.  

Executive overview

Senior management can quickly see trends, year on year performance, evaluate see trends,  and gain a holistic view of their business. The dashboard shows the overall health of your organization. It helps in a detailed analysis of retail stores, helps C-level executives to use filters, and evaluates everything by product, state, city or store wise.  

Store Manager Dashboard

Often store managers struggle with tens of thousands of rows of data which makes it difficult to lay business decisions. Tableau empowers all warehouse managers to identify and reveal key insights faster about performing and underperforming products. This provides a  seamless experience and helps the store manager interact with the dashboard easily. 

Today’s retailers need smart business software not merely to survive but to maintain a competitive curve where customer behavior and expectation are constantly changing. To make informed business decisions, leading retailers are investing in robust BI software. With Tableau dashboards, retailers can see and understand their data in new ways, and gain granular and actionable insights. The dashboard gives clear insights from assessing store level availability to optimizing store layouts. Now, it is clear that having the right data at the right time is key to maximizing profitability and scaling for the future. 

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