The inevitable cloud is for everyone!

  • 13 July 2016
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More than 80% companies all over the world are already using cloud computing and the number is increasing every day. If you think that cloud is a whim or just a marketing term used by companies to sell their software programs, then it’s time to understand that this hype is getting some serious momentum too. Cloud is a step that every company will and must take. If you’re still questioning the way cloud is overpowering the businesses, here are some reasons to prove this right.

  1. Cloud is Easy
    The simplicity and easiness of creating and maintaining the cloud accounts is driving people crazy for the cloud. Those who have active internet connections and have accounts on social media or are using email services are already familiar with cloud.
  2. Need for mobility
    Technological innovations like laptops, smart phones, tablets etc have already shrinked our workplaces and are promoting the work functions and employees to get mobile. Cloud has made not only mobility possible but is also making the work portable.
  3. Data Recovery
    With increasing use of digital devices the data to be stored is also increasing. With legacy storage options, the risk of losing the data always stays and once deleted, it may become very difficult to recover. On cloud disaster recovery is almost automated.
  4. You pay for what you use
    Legacy options may have limited space to store your data and the costs are always fixed. But on cloud the user can pay for the storage he wants to use on the basis of data volumes they hold.
  5. Cost-effective
    Cloud is the most cost-effective option available for the companies seeking high and sustainable profits. The initial cost of a cloud solution may look more but once a proper financial list containing the overheads is analyzed, cloud can be seen saving time as well cost for an organization.
  6. Everyone is going go-go for cloud
    Yes, because everyone is going cloud, you should too. Customers now expect to have all the information at the moment; cloud is making the operations faster. To keep your customers and stay ahead of the competitive curve it is good to adopt it and emerge before your competitors do.

Cloud is not a thing of future anymore. It’s time to adapt it and get a leg up over the competition. It is economic and user-friendly and therefore inevitable for everyone!

Nidhi Batra

About the author

Nidhi Batra is a marketing and brand communication professional with 10 years of experience working in the dynamic B2B marketing environment. She strategizes, writes, reviews a variety of content for demand generation and sales support activities. Having a Master’s in English from Delhi University, she knows how to navigate her readers on insightful journeys with her SAP published blogs and thought leadership content.