Are you a manufacturer? Is plant maintenance a task for you? Still stuck to traditional practices?

  • 10 December 2015
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If your answer to any of these questions is YES, it’s time for you to switch to a suitable ERP software. With mobilized technology and changing working style, its time for India’s manufacturers to embrace technology for streamlining their businesses. This industry particularly, faces many challenges like maintaining their manufacturing plants and running constant health checks to ensure that their production runs smoothly.

Due to stiff competition, timely delivery to the client is of high priority for this industry and to meet timelines, it is critical for them to ensure that the plants run smoothly, with full efficiency. One of the ways to ensure seamless working of all operations across different plants, is to use a suitable ERP solution.

The SAP Business One software powered with Uneecops Plus+ solution helps you resolve and maintain plants that will increase your workers safety, extend machine life and reduce expenditures on repairs while maintaining the quality and continuity of production.

Uneecops Plus+ for Plant maintenance is a robust SAP Business One add on that covers all aspects of maintenance of a manufacturing plant. From engineering, maintenance, asset calculation, to purchases, finances, billing, etc. it takes care of all functions that ensure smooth functioning of a plant. The software has been designed while keeping individual machines in mind, their specific checklist for maintenance, and other connected variables.

Uneecops PLUS+ for plant maintenance overcomes the challenges associated with manual internal and external machine maintenance schedules, tracking activities during maintenance, and keeping a track of the history of machines, including breakdowns, maintenance schedules, etc. The software enables tighter integration across all departments, such as maintenance, finances, purchase, assets. PLUS+ Plant Maintenance even allows strategic differentiation on the basis of plant setup, such as Organization wide setup, Plant wise Machine grouping, Machine Type wise grouping, and Machine Master setup.

How SAP B1 helps?

•    Empower business users with highly accurate business critical information.
•    Grants end-to-end visibility.
•    Utilizes an easy-to-use interface.
•    Helps gain proactive control of the business.
•    Adapts to changing business requirements.
•    Enhance decision-making and client satisfaction with real-time insights
•    Retain business information in a single system
•    Focus on growing your business
•    Make smarter and faster decisions
•    Affordable solution specially designed for small to mid-level organizations

How Uneecops Plus+ helps?

MACHINE MASTER– This module is specially designed to address minutest details of every machine installed in your plant. It keeps the record of every variable associated with the machine.
MAINTENANCE CARD– every machine is given a unique maintenance card that records information about the maintenance performed, start time, end time, breakdown source, AMC, insurance and back-up.
REPORTING– the entire data and maintenance information can be found here. It issues reminders for maintenance schedules and maintains plant wise history.

Uneecops much talented and accomplished service team makes above-mentioned practices easy and adaptable. Book your free Demo and experience how this solution cuts down your miscellaneous costs.

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