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  • 20 January 2020
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SAP Business One Finance

In times of constant change at a velocity higher than we can imagine  – what possible we can do to stay competitive, perform daily routines tasks more efficiently and perform resource-intensive tasks faster and accurately?  This is the daily challenge for finance professionals today to automate and harmonize financial processes while lowering the overall costs. The overwhelming amount of data which is generated on a daily basis puts immense pressure on finance professionals to manage and find meaningful insights.

Re-imagining financial functions with digitization

From purely a bookkeeper to being a strategic decision-maker, the role of finance professionals has taken a new wave. So, there is a reason why finance needs to plunge into the existing world of digitization powered by smart technologies and business analytics. Over the past few years, the financial sector has recognized the needs of business automation. From gaining new insights to optimizing decisions to improving financial risks and lowering the overall cost. SAP Business One is a true differentiator. Used by leading finance professionals worldwide, the software expedites daily financial transactions, helps in year-end closing and ensuring 100% compliance. 

Let us quickly dig out more probabilities as to how SAP Business One as a next-gen technology appears to be the best friend of finance professionals.

Fraud detection 

Now it is possible to mitigate losses and take preventive measures with the intelligence built-in. For instance, the software can auto-detect fraudulent system entries. This can prevent any scope of the threat and mitigate risks that could otherwise happen in financial transactions.

Illustrate trends 

Uncover market trends easily and make decisions easily supported by facts and figures. This means your organization can easily adapt to changes smartly without any challenges.   

Automating time-consuming tasks

Finance organizations routinely perform a series of day to day and often consuming tasks. Their majority of time gets killed in executing a multitude of operational tasks that could otherwise be saved by bringing in a robust and enterprise-ready software in place. The software that can streamline and automate various ongoing tasks in a go and reduce mundane work to a greater extent. 

Reconciliation and compliance

Automation reduces the probability of human errors and risks associated with it. The software ensures 100% compliance and reconciliation which is a critical component for finance. With erp software, CFOs are minimizing risks, which is majorly linked to manual errors.  

Visible cost savings 

As a large amount of work is digitized, it brings major cost savings in place. As you automate and harmonize financial processes, your employees can work on other strategic things that are valuable often resulting in cost and time savings.   

Path to Intelligent Finance 

The role of finance has taken a new turn. As indicated before too, finance professionals are much more than being a mere bookkeeper. They are a strategist and can lead the future if a business. These providers had always appreciated the idea of bringing software in a place that can do things accurately and faster than humans. Yet with the emergence of new-gen automation technologies, making things even more standardized, accurate and centralized made possible that to wish sheer ease and simplicity.  

So, SAP Business One software is no longer just “nice to have”. It is a reality and necessity which is reshaping the way finance functions. The desktop is replaced by the laptop, smartphones with mobile phones. The thing is clear; everything is advancing so the finance department too.   

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