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  • 23 September 2019
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New financial regulations, compliance pressure, cost reduction and changing customer dynamics have mandate the finance department to change. This coupled with the need to fast financial planning, reporting and forecasting has generated a huge opportunity for enterprises to run agile and digitize their day-to-day financial operations. The traditional finance departments working in silos is a thing of the past. The future is a smart and digitally transformed finance function.

SAP Business One addresses today’s business needs of finance functions to automate routine transactions and deliver real-time insight to decision makers. The software helps in providing all the required statutory reports, reminders on recurring transactions, managing budgets to control the expenses, calculating depreciations, alerts / approvals based on Customer / Vendor aging, measure the profitability of projects and business departments and so much more.

Further, SAP Business One empowers all accountants, CFOs and finance experts to play the role of strategic thinkers. 

Account Centric➡️Decision Centric
Reports Driven ➡️Insights Driven
Legacy Holder➡️Digitally Powered
Bank Account mgt➡️Strategic Planner
Transactions Processing➡️Real-time Processing & Updates

Let’s find out how SAP Business One is benefitting finance professionals even more. 

Simplify financial tasks 

Today’s organizations need more than excel sheets and spreadsheets to manage their recurring financial tasks. SAP Business One software does beyond just basic accounting; it helps in budget forecasting, enables more precise audits, shortens invoice cycles, helps with tax laws and regulations and delivers right-time insight to CFOs, financial professionals and decision makers.   

Discover real-time insights and automate broad suite of finance functions 

In our fast-paced business environment, the ability to run real-time insights and create ad-hoc reports isn’t just something good to have; it is a critical requirement for a business. An end to end modern finance solution such as SAP Business One designed especially for finance departments automate and simplify all financial processes and speed business decisions.  

SAP Business One is set to solve a broad suite of functions such as cash management, expense management, asset management, collections, general ledger, accounts payable and receivable and discover real-time insights. With advanced capabilities like mobile application, and integrated business intelligence solution, the life of finance experts seems to be easier. 

The Conclusion 

So, the next time you are scouting for an enterprise-ready software which can help you close your financial books faster or manage the entire quote-to-order-to-cash process, customer invoices or payments, more accurate audits; go for SAP Business One. When you opt for SAP ERP implementation, it becomes easier to optimize a host of financial activities, eliminate instances of wrong reconciliations, improve year end closing and conduct real-time cash flow analysis.    

SAP Business One is a fool-proof solution that addresses the varied needs of the finance department which set a new trend towards simplification. With features like pre-built analytics, single source of truth and accelerated financial closing, the software is setting a new standard in the finance industry. Uneecops is one of the best SAP implementation partners who can help you close your books faster with accuracy and reach your business endeavor fast.

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