How to perfect your supply chain network with BI software?

  • 16 September 2019
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Almost every company has confronted the supply chain challenges of some kind. You owe it either to the rising customer expectations or disrupted model of global supply chains. However, they are companies that are managing the entire supply chain with less stress and strain. These companies are not only smart in adopting new technologies but also outperforming their peers in managing all the aspects.  

Let’s find out what these companies do to manage multiple supply chain requirements all at once, improve time to market, optimize inventory and fulfil customer demands promptly. 

Efficient Demand Planning 

Forward-looking companies often invest in one of the best business analytics tools to rest their decisions and make informed demand planning. This planning is based on facts and figures not on mere instincts and guesswork. 

The BI software helps procurement, production and warehouse departments to plan and forecast better and know how much demand a particular product is generating in the given market. Thanks to smart BI tool, companies are now more agile and smart to achieve higher forecast accuracy in demand planning than their peers.  

Plan inventory and fulfillment strategically

Every single activity that we perform in the supply chain network has a tsunami of data. These hidden data must have treasures to be explored. To respond better to challenges now and then, the key differentiator is predictability. Business intelligence software is a key enabler. Companies are reaching the next level of operational excellence and able to plan their inventory and fulfillment strategically with advanced BI such as Tableau.  

Predict the change in trends 

With a large volume of products, keeping an eye on the big picture can be worrisome. The BI dashboards provide key insights to slice details such as the high and low demand of a particular product by state, region, and customer interest wise. It also gives you the possibility of predicting trend as which particular product will gain the maximum popularity and which one will start to decline. 

Get insights at your fingertips, Anytime 

Imagine you are sitting in a meeting and you want to update the production team about the availability of stock or so. You open the BI mobile app and see inventory related information in real-time. This makes it easy to make operational decisions faster without you being presence virtually. BI Tableau software is all about making your life easy and enabling you to make the best decisions at the right time.   

Foster effective collaboration between internal and external teams 

A streamlined supply chain fosters effective collaboration between suppliers and third-party service providers. The advanced BI tool such as Tableau and Power BI renders interesting and hidden nuggets of information about raw materials, inventory and other critical information. This aggravates the possibility to reduce costs in procurement.     

Business leaders recognize the importance of having BI Tableau software to perfect their supply chain planning and streamline their supply chain challenges. With large product portfolios, it becomes tough to identify the best and least performing products and manage the hassles of supply chain. Should you be needing a partner that can help you mitigate risks and boost profitability in your supply chain, then Uneecops is your go-to partner.

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