Simplify Your Malls and Facility Operations with a Single ERP

  • 07 October 2019
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Managing a shopping mall has never been easier. There is so much to manage like occupancy cost analysis, unit allocations cost, footfall analysis, reallocation, lease audits, contract management, renewal options, promotions management, extension, rents, escalation reminders, security management, utility tracking, housekeeping, concierge and what not.  In the face of these considerable challenges, malls are seeking a robust solution to redefine the entire retail experience such as juggling countless queries and mitigating the ongoing issues of a mall facility. 

Let us explore why the mall and management industry must gear up to embrace innovative trends and stay smart and agile with SAP Business One. 

The benefits of SAP Business One in the Mall Management Industry 

Achieve a single version of truth 

SAP Business One automates various business functions of mega shopping malls. The software empowers business users to gain ultimate visibility into stock inventory to drive decisions on stock fulfillment, replenishment, allocation, pricing and costing. 

Informed decisions

The software helps to gauge profits earned from a single occupancy unit. It enables users to make informed business decisions and know the exact status of active occupancy ratio, workforce requirements, know the whereabouts of the lease. 

Simplify complex mega mall operations 

Whether it is keeping a record of common area expenses, managing the contract phase, managing contract to finance and back-office operations, SAP Business One does it all.   

Build brand loyalty 

With everything being taken care nicely in a mall, it intensifies the chances of delivering exceptional customer experience and fostering strong relationships with suppliers, employees and vendors. 

Manage disparate databases 

The quicker the information, the more beneficial it will be for store managers, warehouse managers and owners. Many big chain malls and facility spend days to consolidate data from different sources to derive insights from it. SAP Business One makes it all easier. It renders the latest information on occupancy patterns, property usage, and market fluctuation etc.

Strategically plan and boost profitability

Since everything from lease management to electricity management can be managed in one comprehensive software, there is a higher chance that you can strategically plan and mitigate any chances of confusion or miss out on any front like housekeeping, workforce allocation, electricity, water, gas, utility tracking, lease audit or compliance management. An ERP customization can meet the specific business requirements of your malls and big-chain retail outlet. 

Render high-level insights 

Go one level high and dive deep as –

  • Which brand outlet is receiving the highest footfall?
  • Which zone is garnering the maximum attention?
  • How engagement activity is influencing the customer journey? 
  • Which entrance and exit points are the most used ones?

SAP Business One can drive decision-making across marketing, leasing, operations and utility management, engineering and maintenance services. 

The concept and importance of shopping malls has reached a new level. With heightened expectations of customers and fierce competition, it is important for malls and facility to take a lead forward with digitization. The traditional model of merchandising, marketing and maintaining records manuals, which for years worked won’t work anymore. The era calls for change and it pays to partner with Uneecops. Should you need a specific add-on for your malls and facility? You should partner with Uneecops who can render ERP customization services matching your exact time and budget needs.

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