This Diwali Season Gift “SAP Business One” To Your Business

  • 18 October 2019
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Diwali is a festival of lights, celebrations, knowledge, the goddess of wealth, accompanied by dance, music, family gathering, delicious food delicacies, gift exchanges and colorful designs bringing together a wave of joy and happiness. So, this Diwali season bring harmony and joy in your workplace and gift the best ERP to your business. The power of SAP Business One. 

An easily adaptable enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, SAP Business One helps all small and medium size businesses to automate their sales, purchasing, operations, accounting, finance, procurement, stock management, and supply chain operations. Since data is the lifeblood of every business, SAP Business One empowers every business function to fulfil their roles and responsibility to perfection. 

It’s time to get rid of all confusion and chaos prevailing in your workplace owing to disparate sources and disorganized information. With a secure and centralized data repository, everyone in the organization can remain on the same page and be confident of their actions.  

The Business Value of Bringing SAP Business One This Diwali Season

Diwali is nearing and what could be the best time to invest in this enterprise-ready software that can foster a happier workplace and streamline all business processes. It is the perfect time to contemplate about the ease and benefits that SAP Business One follows. Step ahead from the legacy mode, spreadsheets or age-old book keeping software hampering productivity and causing performance and security bottlenecks. 

You can keep any of these benefits handy and explain it to your management so that they can invest in SAP Business One this festive season.  

Higher Productivity 

Automate your core business processes and help everyone in your organization to be on the same page with SAP Business One.  

Improved Business Insights 

Eliminate data silos and gain fast real-time information relevant to your respective departments and interests. 

Gain a clear picture of your entire business 

Make informed, accurate and timely business decisions by gaining a 360 view of your business. 

Advanced reporting

The software comes packed with a wide range of inbuilt reports, queries and dashboards. 

Built-in Business Intelligence 

Make better decisions faster and generate meaningful and actionable insights with embedded analytics.

Stock Management

Effortlessly manage stock and track better stock levels, items, and transfers between warehouses.

Customer Relationship Management

Support the entire sales process from the first contact to post-closing thereby fostering strong customer relationships with prospects and customers. 

There are more quantifiable business benefits that SAP Business One brings in. So, if you want to reap more benefits alongside cost savings, you can take a route to ERP cloud for maximized benefits in terms of performance, deployment time, cost savings and no hassle of maintenance and all. 

Diwali Bonus with Uneecops

Choose Uneecops as your SAP Business One implementation partner. This Diwali season invest in SAP Business One and easily complete the implementation cycle and test run before the next financial year (2020-21).  

Pave your way to ERP Cloud  

The importance of ERP running in the cloud has increased multifold in recent years owing to many reasons. Cloud applications enable businesses to embark on this new journey of ERP immediately and at a lower cost as compared to on premise ERP. With cloud applications, you can go by pay-as-you-go model, scale faster, get auto-updates and leave aside the worry of investing in large and heavy servers. 


Today’s business environment is littered with manual tasks leading to complexity, errors and confusion. SAP Business One Cloud offering helps businesses navigate the path of success in a cost effective manner. So, should you need to examine SAP Business One this Diwali season? You can contact one of our experts to know what all benefits this affordable and time-tested software can bring in detail. Uneecops has carried out 300+ successful implementation and has an impressive clientele base such as Maharaja Whiteline, Kings Koil, Gopal Corp, ColdEX, Cars24 to name a few.

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