Top Hidden Features of Tableau You Wish You Knew Before

  • 27 July 2020
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Tableau software brings significant relief to businesses to gain real-time insights. It helps make confident decisions especially when the world attempts to understand the impact of Covid-19 and battling with it. Businesses are working more cautiously to meet the fluctuating demands of their customers by gaining actionable insights the time they need the most. Over the past few months, many organizations and even Government agencies have used Tableau software to stay transparent, agile, action-ready and attain trustworthy information. 

But, do you know apart from self-service capabilities and drill down functionality, there’s more to it?. Let’s take a deeper look at some of the top hidden features and enhancements to make our life little easier. 

Elevate your analysis with data headlines 

Tableau software offers a simple way to monitor the key performance indicators (KPIs) that you care about most. It shows the vital metrics such as order data, sum of sales and so much more. Within minutes, you gain a headline and overview your data in a consistent format. This helps you to gain an understanding of important information to facilitate speed decision making. This is one of the most important features for business leaders who don’t typically perform heavy analysis, but they need data to make informed decisions and need a quick alternative to see important KPIs. 

With this feature, you no longer have to struggle and switch between different views and see the recent values. For instance, if you are running a retail business, you might want to keep a close tab on daily sales volume and the demand of your most popular items along with its profitability.  

CTRL-F for quick search 

When the data becomes voluminous and it seems next to impossible to dive deep into the BI software. The one great feature of Tableau makes it all easier with CTRL- F feature. You can simply click CTRL-F and hit the search box. The results are displayed in a jiffy. Entering the first letter or two will quickly drill down the results saving considerable time. 

Buffer Calculations 

Buffer calculations help visualize the distance around point locations. It helps measure the calculation based on location, distance, map etc. With this amazing feature of Tableau, it is easy to answer complex questions. For instance, if you need to allocate cabs you can use this feature to the best. It is incredibly easy to rest your analysis and see which place has the highest demand for cabs and where they are needed the most. This helps you to juggle the demand and supply of cabs.  

Set Control

Tableau empowers you to perform a range of complex analyses with a high level of ease. With the new set control, it is easy to select or deselect items to control which values are in the set. Tableau users can now perform complex calculations with great comfort. Majorly, the freshest data is always available as the domain refreshes automatically. This new feature of Tableau powers your dashboards and gives you a range of analytical options. 

Let’s understand this by an example. Houses are more expensive as we get closer to the city. The dashboards indicate the prices with color combinations. You can also adjust your set control to see the different groupings meeting your said expectations. This is just one example of how well you can drill down into the possibility of analysis.  

These are just some of the incredible features of Tableau that set to make your life easier and give you detailed insights within minutes. If you are interested in learning more about the robust features of Tableau, then the Uneecops BI team is there for you. Our big data experts can help you arrive at critical insights and harness the tangible benefits of Tableau software. 

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