Uneecops Powers PM Modi’s ‘Digital Bharat’ Dream, Enables Tech Innovation for Indian SMEs 

  • 29 February 2024
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Digital Bharat with Uneecops
Uneecops Powers PM Modi’s 'Digital Bharat’ Dream, Enables Tech Innovation for Indian SMEs

India is the land of dreams and aspirations. We are a nation, where dreams paint the canvas of the future. 

We once had a dream to survive in the age of globalization. 

Today, our dream is to thrive as a modern, technologically advanced nation. We aim to be a $5 trillion GDP economy

This journey from surviving to thriving is a quest for digital progress. Embracing technology is not just a choice but a necessity to unlock India’s full potential. It’s about creating a digital ecosystem that empowers businesses, individuals, and communities to innovate, collaborate, and grow. 

Dream to Reality: Digital Bharat  

Drawing from our aspiration as a nation, the government came up with the Digital Bharat program, launched in 2015 to accelerate the nation’s growth while transitioning it into a digitally empowered society and a knowledge-based economy.  

The Digital Bharat initiative has played a crucial role in achieving digital infrastructure, with a budget of approximately INR 14,903 Cr from 2021-22 to 2025-26. This investment has expanded high-speed internet access and built digital literacy, creating the necessary hardware and software resources for a thriving digital ecosystem. 

The National e-Governance Division (NeGD), under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), has been instrumental in this transformation.  

Digital Businesses: A Core Cornerstone of Digital Bharat 

Digital Bharat has had a profound impact on various sectors, including financial, education, healthcare, agriculture, and innovation. It has brought financial services to the unbanked, improved access to education and healthcare services, and provided farmers with valuable information to enhance their yields. The burgeoning startup ecosystem in India is a testament to the innovation and entrepreneurship fostered by the digital revolution. 

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs): The driving engine of India’s $5 trillion GDP dream 

As the backbone of the economy, SMEs play a pivotal role in driving growth, creating jobs, and fostering innovation. They account for a significant portion of India’s GDP and industrial output, making them crucial contributors to the country’s economic development. With the government’s focus on promoting entrepreneurship and supporting SMEs through initiatives such as Make in India and Digital India, these enterprises are poised to play an even more significant role in realizing India’s ambitious $5 trillion GDP economy goal. 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision for a Digital Bharat aims to harness the power of technology to empower citizens and businesses, particularly Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), driving inclusive growth and economic prosperity. 

This vision aligns perfectly with the ethos of Uneecops, a leading technology solution provider committed to enabling SMEs to thrive in the digital era. 

Uneecops recognizes that SMEs form the backbone of the Indian economy, contributing significantly to GDP and employment. However, many SMEs face challenges in adopting digital technologies due to various factors, including cost, complexity, and lack of expertise. Uneecops addresses these challenges by offering tailored solutions that are cost-effective, easy to implement, and designed to meet the specific needs of SMEs. 

Uneecops’ Steers India to Innovation, Powers a Progressive Society. 

Uneecops also has a digital India dream; where all businesses collectively become not just tech-enabled but tech-driven. Automation software is our enabler for succeeding in our relentless mission. 

One of the key initiatives by Uneecops is its comprehensive suite of digital solutions, including ERP, Analytics, Cloud and CRM deployment – all aimed at enhancing operational efficiency and driving business growth for SMEs. This solution portfolio enables fast-growing organizations to streamline their processes, improve productivity, and gain a competitive edge in the market. 

Uneecops’ commitment to supporting the Digital Bharat vision is further exemplified by its focus on innovation and continuous improvement. By leveraging emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and IoT, Uneecops is helping SMEs stay ahead of the curve and adapt to the evolving digital landscape. 

Uneecops’ role as a tech partner to Indian SMEs is instrumental in realizing the vision of Digital Bharat. By providing innovative and cost-effective digital solutions, Uneecops is empowering SMEs to embrace digital transformation, driving economic growth, and contributing to the nation’s progress. 

Achieving Dreams Together! 

Together, Uneecops and digital Indian businesses are realizing their dreams, driving innovation, and shaping a vibrant digital economy. With the government’s vision of Digital Bharat, this partnership is instrumental in creating a digitally empowered nation, where technology transforms lives and businesses thrive. 

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