A Brighter Future: Gen Z’s Shift from Fairness Products; Tech-Driving Force in ‘Skincare Revolution’ 

  • 27 February 2024
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Fix Derma transforms with SAP ERP and Uneecops

Beauty is beyond skin shade. It’s about confidence, kindness, and authenticity. We mean, fair may not always be truly lovely.  

No wonder, today’s gen Z is the gen ‘conscious’ and ‘truly fair.’  

We just read the latest news in The Economic Times that revealed a marked 3% decline in the demand for fairness creams by volume in 2023 from the previous year. This clearly signals a seismic shift in consumer preferences. The beauty standards are rapidly evolving and the skincare landscape is experiencing a radiant revolution. 

Hindustan Unilever Ltd (HUL) made waves by rebranding its fairness cream from ‘Fair & Lovely’ to ‘Glow & Lovely’, a strategic move in response to the tide of racial justice protests. Joining the ranks, global giants like L’Oreal and Johnson & Johnson have revamped their products, shedding terms like ‘white’ and ‘fair’ from their skincare lines. 

A Fair Gen: Gen Z and Millennials Break Derma Dynamics-Stereotypes 

This shift isn’t just a passing trend; it mirrors a broader cultural shift. The younger demographic, especially Gen Z, is veering away from traditional beauty ideals centered around fairness. Instead, they’re gravitating towards products that promise brightening, glowing, radiance, and anti-dullness effects

A key catalyst for this change is the escalating awareness and rejection of stereotypes surrounding darker skin tones. Skin-lightening products, once a mainstay in markets like Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, are now under scrutiny. Brands from America and Europe, which have long profited from these markets, are reassessing their strategies. 

Fixderma: Illuminating Inner Beauty, Paving Way for a Glowing Future 

In the midst of this transformative phase, trailblazing companies like Fixderma are reshaping the skincare and derma sphere. Fixderma, a pioneer in cosmeceuticals, has seamlessly integrated science and skincare, transcending the ordinary. Embracing digital transformation and harnessing technology, Fixderma isn’t just addressing issues; it’s revolutionizing skincare. 

At Uneecops, we take pride in our role enabling this transformation as their technology partners. Through our cutting-edge SAP ERP solutions, we’ve empowered Fixderma to further achieve clinical excellence, pushing the boundaries of innovation and modernization in skincare. 

Mr. Shaily Mehrotra, Co-Founder and CEO of Fix Derma shares their SAP ERP journey with Uneecops – an inspiring tale of innovation, efficiency, and success!

Uneecops: Helping ‘Skincare’ Companies Become Inclusive, Reach More People Globally 

As the skincare industry evolves, so do its consumers. 

We are increasingly witnessing skincare brands expand their operations in the APAC markets and enter the realm of e-commerce, as they realize the necessity for a digital overhaul. This is where the collaboration with Uneecops proves transformative.  

With a goal to modernize IT infrastructure and embrace the future, Fixderma partnered with Uneecops to leverage the power of SAP ERP solutions

As more brands join hands with us to redefine skincare through innovation and modernization, we foresee a gleaming future- one that celebrates diversity and inclusivity. 

It’s time to embrace this metamorphosis and redefine beauty on our terms and with futuristic tech-transformation!  

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