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  • 27 November 2023
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Amazon QuickSight

In the realm of business intelligence (BI), AWS QuickSight stands out as a powerful and scalable solution that empowers organizations to derive insights and make data-driven decisions. As part of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) ecosystem, QuickSight offers a range of capabilities to streamline BI operations and democratize data access. In this article, we will explore the key features and benefits of Amazon QuickSight, along with its use cases and pricing structure.

Key Features of Amazon QuickSight

  • QuickSight Q – Natural Language Querying

    QuickSight Q enables its users to seek queries regarding their data in simple English, making it accessible to users with varying technical expertise. Users can explore historical trends, metrics, and even ask forecast and “why” questions to gain deeper insights into their data.

Automated Data Preparation

QuickSight Q uses previously trained ML models and learns from existing resources to automatically infer and add semantic information to datasets. This minimizes the time utilized on data preparation tasks done manually, allowing users to start querying their information in minutes.

Paginated Reporting

QuickSight AWS offers the ability to create and deliver paginated reports alongside interactive dashboards. With QuickSight, users can create and publish reports in minutes using AWS QuickSight dashboard and visualising interface.

Analysis of Large Datasets

QuickSight’s SPICE engine enables speedy and interactive analysis of large set of information. With SPICE, QuickSight can handle billions of rows of data, providing users with the ability to visually analyze massive datasets directly within the platform.

Programmatic Migration to the Cloud

QuickSight’s broadened API potential permits for programmatic creation, management, and editing of BI resources such as dashboards and reports. This feature streamlines the migration process from legacy on-premises systems to a cloud-based BI solution.

Benefits of Amazon QuickSight

BI for Everyone

Amazon QuickSight caters to the requirements of every individual, regardless of how sound they are in understanding technological matters. The platform offers dynamic dashboards that fosters interaction, paginated reports, analytics, and simple language questions, ensuring that every user can access and derive insights from a single source of truth.

Faster and Efficient Development

QuickSight accelerates the development process by providing a unified authoring experience. Users can create and collaborate for information across advanced dashboards, and in-built QuickSight insights, reducing the time required to create and deliver valuable BI assets.

Scalability and Cost-effectiveness

With its serverless architecture, Amazon QuickSight can automatically scale to accommodate tens of thousands of users without the need for infrastructure setup or management. Additionally, QuickSight follows usage-based pricing packages, which requires organizations to bear the cost of only the services they take and avoiding surface costs for licenses.

Embedded Analytics

QuickSight enables users to embed interactive visualizations, sophisticated dashboard authoring, and natural language query capabilities into their applications. This integration enhances user experiences and opens up new monetization opportunities for businesses by providing differentiated analytics features.

Use Cases of Amazon QuickSight

  • Nasdaq, a global technology company serving the capital markets, leverages QuickSight Q to automate complex data analysis and empower users to self-serve without relying on analyst-built models and analyses.
  • Siemens, a world leader in digitization, utilizes QuickSight reporting capabilities to streamline operational reporting. By consolidating interactive dashboards and operational reports within QuickSight, Siemens enhances its operations and ensures that customers have full visibility into their business activities.
  • Capital One, a leading financial institution, relies on QuickSight to provide timely insights to its teams across all lines of business. With QuickSight’s paginated reports and embedded analytics, Capital One users can access data in the format they need without the requirement of using separate products.
  • Best Western Hotels & Resorts, a global family of hotels, has successfully consolidated multiple BI solutions and data sources using QuickSight. This consolidation has enabled them to expand their user base and reduce costs while providing faster and more holistic insights to their stakeholders.

Pricing of Amazon QuickSight

Amazon QuickSight follows a pay-per-session package system, making it financially efficient for broad-scale launch. It offers two editions: Standard Version and Enterprise Version. The Standard Edition is available for authors and offers personal data analysis and exploration capabilities. The Enterprise Edition caters to both authors and readers, with pricing based on either per user or per session capacity. 

Amazon QuickSight is a powerful and scalable BI service that empowers organizations to derive insights, make data-driven decisions, and streamline their BI operations. By leveraging Amazon QuickSight, organizations can discover the full potential of their available data and bring enterprise growth through sound and efficient decisions.

Harness the Power of Amazon QuickSight with Uneecops

Uneecops, with deep technical knowledge and proven customer success, help SMBs drive innovation and unlock greater business value with proficiency in Amazon QuickSight. With QuickSight, we enable digital transformation and greater sustainability for SMBs using technologies like AI/ML and data and analytics. Connect with us today to know more on implementing QuickSight in your business. To know more on Uneecops proficiency in QuickSight, please click here!

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