What Makes Salesforce The Leading CRM in 2023?

  • 04 December 2022
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Leading CRM

Customer service shouldn’t just be a department, it should be the entire company,

Tony Hsieh

Similarly, Customer Service Management (CRM) shouldn’t be an add-on; it should be the entire software. Product or service-related, every business exists for client service and customer satisfaction.

When it comes to CRM, the journey is quite comprehensive, from tapping leads to dealing with all sorts of customer concerns varying from marketing and sales to customer service. Salesforce CRM streamlines the enterprise and helps in saving valuable resources and time. It maps and optimizes the end-to-end customer journey to shape positive customer experiences.

Founded in 1999 with a vision to reinvent CRM, Salesforce now defines a new era and the future of cloud CRM.

In 2023, one of the best-known CRMs available is Salesforce.

We don’t just say this; we prove it:

Cutting-edge technology: Leverage new technologies with the latest features. Salesforce CRM boasts embedded analytics, IoT and artificial intelligence.

Yearly innovations to stay ahead: The platform is so powerful that there are yearly upgrades. Migration to a newer version is seamless, and upgrades are automatic.

360º view of the customer journey: Salesforce connects various systems and databases to bring together all the information received from customers. It enables businesses to find a large amount of data in a single place.

Solve problems with integrated apps: Enjoy 3,000+ integrated apps for direct use on Salesforce. Also, you get many innovative cloud offerings, including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Sales Chatter. These platforms take care of everything related to customers, from contact management to sales pipeline monitoring and lead nurturing to performance analytics.

Scalability and Customisation: Whether it is looking after your company’s existing customer relationships or taking care of the customer base for the next two years, Salesforce has the capability and capacity to scale up.

The platform can be personalized to fit the unique needs of a business. You can personalize customer emails and trace the purchase history of every client.

Security: Salesforce takes care of critical business data. It has pre-installed privacy features that allow businesses to decide who can access their data. All these abilities make this a very trustworthy and secure software.

Run your business on your mobile: Salesforce’s mobile application allows you to manage all your activities – from meetings and leads to reports – anytime and anywhere – using your smartphone.

‘The best CRM’ accreditations: Salesforce’s success is endorsed by titles and recognitions received from client businesses and industry leaders worldwide. The company prides a range of awards for the Best CRM (in large, small, and medium-sized businesses). Gartner has also regarded Salesforce as a leading Customer Engagement Center.

Further, MNCs and fast-growing companies globally use the Salesforce platform. As of 2018, 99 of the 100 companies on the Fortune 100 list used Salesforce.

It’s established and vetted!

Salesforce is the CRM of choice.

UBS DigiCloud helps you generate real value from your Salesforce investment.

Plan and strategize the best Salesforce CRM implementation to get the best value for money.

UBSDigiCloud, A Uneecops Company strength in Salesforce consulting services enables businesses to create intelligent workflows to keep pace with changing customer needs and expectations. If you would like to solve customer experience problems with unparalleled CX solutions, partner with UBSDigiCloud, A Uneecops Company. We guide customer businesses end-to-end with key expertise in Salesforce consulting, implementation, and support services.

Configure your Salesforce system to align with your business’s current and future needs. Transform how you interact, manage customers, partners and employees with Salesforce. Leverage complete support from UBSDigiCloud, A Uneecops Company.

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