What to Expect from SAP

  • 27 March 2015
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Companies are investing in SAP to bridge several gaps and to improve their effectiveness and performance. Unfortunately, they only know that they need SAP to make several improvements in their organizational processes; however they do not focus on what exactly they should expect from SAP. Every SAP project offers different things and you should know exactly what you want to realize its benefits.

Just relying on the information provided by the vendors would not be enough. Define what is it exactly that you wish to expect SAP to do for you. If you expect ‘A’ from SAP, convey ‘B’ to the vendors and find out to see SAP delivering ‘C’ would be a total disaster. It might be even confusing to read the above sentence, imagine facing a similar situation in real life. So, what should you do? Spend time internally, with your teams to understand what exactly your company needs. Take the help of SAP Business One Partners if you need help in doing the same. We have listed three things to make the process a little simpler for you.

Three Things to Expect from SAP

SAP is capable of addressing your problems and issues in the best manner possible. However, there are other aspects that it needs to deliver.  Three of them are listed below.

–          Seamless integration with your current work environment

This might sound like a silly point as you would think that this is an obvious thing to consider. You would be surprised by how many companies actually forget to consider this aspect. Realizing after the implementation that the SAP application does not function in the existing work conditions and infrastructure can be quite painful. It equates to wastage of money and time. The industry and company size also plays a part in how SAP functions in a company.

If you have decided on different add-ons for your company, make sure they can seamlessly integrate into your company. Suppose you want to have Sap Business One Add on Implementation for SMS, ensure that this application functions well with your current work environment. Don’t lose the myriad benefits of various applications just because they are not compatible with your company processes. Discuss the functionality aspect with your vendors before taking the discussion any further.

–          The usability of the data produced

There is no argument that data is one of the most crucial entities in any organization. Many efforts are made to secure the data and protect it from any kind of loss or theft. However, many forget to focus on having usable data. All the employees should be able to access any kind of data they require at any time. This helps in improving their efficiency and thus the overall performance of the company goes up.

This is why it is imperative for the companies to focus on how the data is being processed so that it can be used with ease. The SAP application should also be able to provide the usable data as the required information which can be accessed with ease, regardless of the location. The accuracy of the data should not be lost to in an attempt to make it usable. The data should be provided in a timely manner so that the decision-making process is not hampered. As you know that important company decisions are based on the data provided, and any delay in making decisions or decisions made in the presence of incorrect data can cost a lot to an organization. Thus, focus on having usable data along with protecting it.

–          Support provided by SAP vendors

The job of the vendors does not end with implementing the SAP applications such as SAP Business One Add on Implementation for SMS. They should extend their services in the form of offering support whenever required. Their support is crucial during and post implementation. If you run into an issue at any time, your vendor should tend to it immediately. Even if they don’t provide support 24*7, at least make sure that they support you during your working hours. No matter how well the rest of their services are, if they don’t offer support stay away from them.

Do not forget to incorporate these aspects when you are planning a SAP implementation. Get in touch with SAP Business One Partners for better guidance.

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