What’s New in SAP Business One 10.0

  • 08 November 2019
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The latest version of SAP Business One 10.0 seems promising and we hope this version will bring something new and exciting for all of us. Packed full of exciting features and enhancements, this release is going to be a highly anticipated release after SAP Business One 9.3. 

So, all small and mid-size companies and subsidiaries of large enterprises keep your eyes glued as SAP has yet again marked a series of milestones with SAP Business One 10.0, expected to be launched this year. Based on our speculation and learning about the existing feature of Version 10.0, it’s clear that the SAP team has invested their time and thought deeply about the needs and demands of customers. 

Let us quickly uncover how SAP Business One 10.0 is going to be unique from user experience and technical perspective. 

SAP Business One Version 10.0 focuses on ease of use, cost effectiveness, and operation in the cloud. With its improved extension management, import and export of SAP HANA schemas, Version 10 promises to be giving unprecedented value to its customers and partners. SAP team is also believed to be working on important aspects such as high availability, security and stability which makes SAP Business One Cloud more attractive and affordable model to opt for small and midsize businesses. 

We also expect to see value new localizations and striking features. The focus lays on CRM and retail, SAP HANA 2.0, machine learning, IoT and other advanced capabilities. 

With Version 10.0, we also look forward to get a new native web client, based on SAP Firori and SAPUI5 technologies. This will facilitate you to manage customers and manage activities around sales ordering processes effortlessly directly from the web. 

What’s new? There are more exciting features such as the

  • New web client for SAP Business One
  • Office 365 integration
  • Enhancement of existing modules such as document printing and approval procedure
  • Drilling down in financial reports and BOM
  • Usability enhancements like the new skin style and the enhanced user interface.

and much more.

The new year is approaching and what better gift SAP can give businesses than the latest Version 10.0. So, keep your eyes set for Version 10.0 and get ready to experience a better and feature-packed SAP Business One soon.

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