Why consider SAP HANA for your business?

  • 31 October 2019
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If you ask any SAP customers what they seek from their ERP system in the future, the response cycle would be lower operating costs, a better UI, ease of use, better integration with other applications, and most importantly simplicity in performing jobs. All of the above has been introduced and better managed by SAP HANA.

SAP HANA has been doing phenomenally good in terms of user experience, ease of use, increased performance and incredible new features. Still, we feel there is some uncertainty among SAP HANA prevailing now and then. So, in this blog, we will summarize the key benefits of SAP HANA over the current business suite so that one can take decisions accordingly. 

Access the data you need with In-Memory Platform 

Stop relying on making today’s decisions with yesterday’s data. With the SAP HANA in-memory database, you can run advanced analytics and get accurate responses in a fraction of seconds. The in-memory platform eliminates data duplication and filter data incredibly faster so that you can have the data you need at your fingertips – 24/7.

Manage large data volumes effortlessly  

With SAP HANA dynamic tiering feature, it keeps your frequently accessed data in memory, while your rarely accessed data is kept aside and moved to disk. This helps you to manage large data volumes cost-effectively without thinking much of memory size. You can modify all your database storage at any time you want.  

Manage and control data access

SAP HANA provides higher granular access control and protects your company’s critical data from unauthorized access. It also accommodates temporary access where a privileged user needs access for some time. In this scenario, firefighter logging can be enabled. 

Act with Intelligence 

Now, it is easy to perform rapid calculations in real-time and find relevant answers that matter to you the most. With SAP HANA, it is easier to make smarter and faster decisions, which saves time and money, and delivers unprecedented insight, regardless of the size of the data or the complexity of the data. 

High availability

SAP HANA provides comprehensive data recovery mechanisms and provides a fallback in case of any mishappening, error or failure. After a power outage, SAP HANA can come to its originally the last backup without any hassle. 

The Reduction of Complexity  

For any business user to embark on a journey of digitization, one of the most common fears is the simplicity to use the system. Many users fear that they need to relearn a lot that will hamper their work and productivity. The simplification of the UI is real and save time considerably. This reduction in complexity is one of the main reasons why companies are embarking on SAP HANA. 

Assortment of benefits

The UI of SAP HANA is cleaner, easier to comprehend, and has unbelievable improvements in reporting. The system has predictive analytics, extreme database speed, and powerful search engines which makes it enterprise-ready software. In today’s digitally advanced economy, businesses cannot afford to take action on mere guesswork or stale insights. The in-memory data platform supports real-time processing and displays data in a fraction of seconds enabling you to make decisions in real-time- all the time.

So, thinking about SAP HANA? Let’s have a conversation and make things easier for you.

Nidhi Batra

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