Why Construction Leaders Rely Heavily on SAP Business One?

  • 23 June 2020
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Construction Leaders Rely on SAP Business One

The construction business continues to grow at a faster pace than ever. The opportunities in the construction industry are increasing along with the complexities and the need for addressing these challenges smartly. The business faces low-profit margins and increasing restrictions on labor supply. Along with it, tight cash flow, and fluctuating marking demand the need for digitization. To scale upwards, construction business need to overcome challenges like- 

  • Tender management
  • Contract and invoice management
  • Poor visibility into project profitability
  • Raw material management
  • Sourcing and Procurement
  • Project budget overruns
  • Matching subcontractors, Architects, PMC bills on work performed phases wise.

SAP Business One is transforming the construction industry and automating its various operations to improve profit margins and mitigate their operational and business complexities. Let us quickly see how this next-gen ERP helps the construction business move towards a better world. 

Opportunity & Proposal Management

Reduce instances of overspending and mismanagement of the production process. Give a boost to cost savings and plan better with opportunity and proposal management. 

Contract & Invoice Management

Easily track progress on your contract negotiation and invoice processing with smart software. Effortlessly manage your invoice, stay compliant and contract processes without any confusion or conflict.  

Monitor project overruns

Save big by keeping a close tab on project overruns. SAP B1 sends alerts if the budget exceeds the defined amount. This way you can save big as the software keeps a close eye on project overruns. 

Optimize project management

The software can effortlessly track and store data and generate a key analysis of raw materials, manpower utilization, supply chain activities, inventories,  assets and resource allocation etc. needed for effective project management. When all activities and processes are streamlined it avoids unnecessary downtime and other complexities during the project. 

Raw material management 

Avoid probabilities of overstock and understock situations. Monitor purchase operations from raw material to final products without any bottleneck. You can also keep a close eye on material management to quantity planning, budgeting and storage, procurement scheduling and more.  With SAP B1, you can manage everything flawlessly.

Stay compliant 

Stay compliant with industry norms with smart ERP by your side. Easily manage tax deductions while making payments to suppliers and subcontractors. Forecast better, get credit evaluation and manage invoices and e-billing.  

Today’s construction leaders need smart and robust software that can provide them traceability over their business functioning. A system that can render transparency over their supply chain activities, procurement, resource allocation and planning without any potential bottlenecks. To help construction leaders realize their aims, SAP Business One proves to be a holistic and comprehensive business solution.

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