Why manufacturing industry must adapt to the digital age?

  • 12 September 2019
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While most manufacturers are aware they need to transform their business models to stay ahead of the curve; the reality is that many business owners are hesitant to embark on the road to digitization. They are looking for alternate ways or quick-fix solution which can support their short-term vision. 

But, would a quick-fix solution suffice all your manufacturing hurdles?

The manufacturing industry sector is vulnerable to market conditions, supply chain bottlenecks, emerging competition from overseas markets and compliance factors. As consumers, we expect same day delivery, seamless interactions and real-time visibility of our pending orders and delivery status. 

Manufacturers face a slew of consistent pressure to perform and increase speed and efficiency. To stay ahead of the rising global competition, spreadsheets or any homegrown software will not be sufficient. You need to have the robust and enterprise-ready software in place to tackle and respond to the tune of market challenges. 

Enter SAP Business One 

SAP Business One has been found instrumental in solving your manufacturing challenges, responding to market challenges with agility, increasing transparency in production lines,  resolving operational issues in real-time while lowering manufacturing costs.  

Production Scheduling 

With SAP Business One software, it is easier to gain a great control on batch lifecycle, meet quality standards, and gain a consistent view of inventory, multi-level production scheduling and address your production scheduling requirements. The software helps to view capacity allocations, bills of materials and resource availability precisely with high intelligence. 

Timely Order Fulfillment 

To instill the layer of trust in your manufacturing space and boost customer relationships, it is imperative to make realistic promises to your patrons and customers. Therefore, bringing an ERP implementation helps manufacturers to have detailed visibility about inventory, give a precise view as what is understock and what is available at the right moment, and predict order timelines accordingly.  

Align areas of production 

SAP Business One facilitates manufacturers to align all areas of manufacturing which includes material planning, budgeting, capacity planning, and material tracking. Whether you are a manufacturer of plastics, aerospace and defense, metal processing, high-tech and electronics, industrial machinery and components, automating or packaging business, you got the solution covered with SAP Business One. 

Manage Formulations 

The software facilitates your business to track and secure your unique production formulas and recipes. This ensures that you do not mix or use any other formula and do not go by mere instinct or guesswork. 

We are buzzing with the word “digitization” all over. It has gradually marked its presence in almost all industries and the manufacturing industry is not left behind either. To meet strict industry standards and to comply with all regulations and expectations of customers and vendors, it pays to invest in robust ERP and consult SAP Gold partner like Uneecops for your end-to-end SAP Business One requirements,

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