Considering SAP Business One? Go Beyond Just a Demo

  • 09 September 2019
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When one decides to implement SAP Business One, they are doing so for two main reasons. One, they want to leave their legacy software behind or they have finally realized the limitations of spreadsheets or excel sheets. Either way, you are going to love this amazing software which is set to automate various business functions with ease. 

Dashboards, shortcuts and drill-down capability of SAP Business One are quite impressive. There are other benefits too that will make you jump on the demo session of this wonderful ERP that is set to give all the benefits that it offers. But, before you proceed to take a demo which is designed to dazzle. Just wait and let other lines of business come forward and have a saying. They will be the ones who would have a great stake over this new ERP. So, all these business users must be involved from the beginning. There are other areas of focus too apart from just getting the demo from the ERP partner. They are:

A healthy talk on ERP features and functionalities   

You should converse actively with your ERP partner and ask yourself these vital questions.  

Does the ERP fulfill all your mission-critical needs? Will it be specific to your industry needs? Is it easy and adaptable enough to be used by all your business users? Does the software address your specific business needs? Is your software intuitive? 

Collaborate with your ERP software partner

Your ERP vendor is your key business partner who will help you realize your business dream faster. Therefore, you will need to collaborate closely with them. Does the partner understand the unique challenges of your business and industry? Are they familiar with basic words and challenges of your industry?  

Ask about the ERP vendor viability

Make sure to check their level of partnership with SAP Business One. Check the level of partnership they enjoy with this smart ERP such as Gold or platinum partnership. Browse their website, social media profile, press releases, case stories and testimonials to confirm you are partnering with the right SAP B1 cloud vendor. This will help you ascertain as SAP Business One will be a part of their service offerings for the long term.  

Total cost evaluation and expected ROI 

Have an idea as to how much will it cost you to migrate to a new ERP solution. When it comes to on-premise, know about the license costs, data migration costs, support fees or any other hidden parameters, if any. While if you plan to embark on cloud ERP, which will again be the best choice for your business, evaluate service, support and subscription costs etc. 

Implementation Process and Go Live

Investing in a new ERP and resting your choice on one time-tested globally accepted software such as SAP Business One is half the job done. There are a few parameters to consider to make it live. Is your partner following the agile methodology and ASAP best practices? Have you considered about change management issues? Make sure your partner has at least SAP Business One gold partnership accreditation and understand all the implementation methodology. He must have carried out a decent number of successful cloud based ERP implementation and know the intricacies of getting the SAP implementation successful.  

SAP Business One as we know is an amazing software which is designed to automate various business functions for the better. So, if you are going to bring this enterprise-ready software in your business, you must go beyond just viewing a demo.

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