Why website application security is important?

  • 18 April 2019
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The use of the website and mobile applications have become pervasive. While the adoption has increased, so have the challenges in regards to security and performance. Website attacks, cyber attacks and data breaches occur due to instances of targeted attacks, malicious activities, application vulnerabilities, or poor security practices. So, being secure in an online world becomes all the more important to protect your web properties and the data that it holds from hacking tools. scrapers, spammers and bots.

So you may ask – is my website secure? In this blog, we shall talk about a few great reasons as to why website security is important.

#1 Hacked site navigates your customers

Malicious practices are used to attack websites, gather data from those sites and hack data. A hacker can also gain full access of the website to redirect traffic and do an online breach. There are different types and ways of malware to infect your website, which is mostly done by automated hacking tools. If your site is infected by a virus or malicious attack, then your customers may think twice before visiting your website.

#2 Business reputation is on the stake

When your site is hacked, the potential customer cannot reach to the products and services that you have been offering. In the worst case, if a potential customer visits your site and is warned against potential attack, then there is an extremely lean chance that the customer will come back. People rely heavily on Google as a search engine and when Google and other search engines warn you, then it’s time to step up the game even more. With a hacked website, a customer loses trust and lead to company reputation loss.

#3 Cleaning site takes time and may not be done to the perfection

If your site has been hacked, the first thing you will ensure is “How to clean up”. You will find a lot of resources which can help you clean your web property, but it is recommended that you have professionals by your side to do the same for you. Antivirus or malware removal won’t work to the optimum and there may still be instances of some or other virus. That’s why consulting a right partner who can protect your brand presence against any possible attacks like website application development partner in which you can confide in can make all the difference.

#4 Website gets blacklisted

On average, Google quarantines thousands of suspicious sites each day. You can easily recognize the site by seeing the message on display “This site may be potentially harmful to your computer”. This serves as a warning to the users that sends an alert to users to stay away. When a website is blacklisted, the search engine won’t like to display that site on their list. It almost reduces 95% of its organic traffic which could have resulted in potential clients.

Cleaning up your site is the only way left to get relisted on Google. So, this is why partnering with trusted WordPress websites development partner help. These partners mitigate any chance of potential threats at first place and take the apt security measures.

So, all the above points have made it loud clear that keeping security high while developing web applications is of extreme importance. One can not ignore the aspect of security and quality and build the apps. This is why; it’s imperative to partner with the best website application development partner to develop enterprise-ready apps packed with robust features and functionalities.

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