A Billion Dollar, Largest Bearing Manufacturer Headquartered in Sweden Rolled-Out Complete DRMS Automation Using Salesforce

A Billion Dollar, Largest Bearing Manufacturer Headquartered in Sweden Rolled-Out Complete DRMS Automation Using Salesforce






$9.5 Billion

Company Overview

Starting its operations in India in 1923, this global industrial manufacturing company offers top-tier automotive and industrial-engineered solutions across five technology-focused platforms: bearings and units, seals, mechatronics, lubrication solutions, and services. With a pan-India presence, it boasts 6 manufacturing facilities, 12 offices, and a supplier network of over 300 distributors. The company was looking to enhance its engagement with dealers and manage their relationships more effectively.

Implementing Salesforce for our distributor relationship management was a game-changer for us. The platform allowed us to streamline our operations, improve communication with our distributors, and optimize our sales and marketing efforts. With Salesforce, we could easily track sales data, analyze customer behavior, and identify growth opportunities. UBSdigiCloud helped us with comprehensive strategizing and Salesforce solutioning, resulting in significant cost savings and increased revenue. Overall, I highly recommend UBSdigiCloud’s support to any company looking to enhance their distributor management and drive business growth.

-Chief Technology Officer, Electrical Manufacturing Company

Before: Bearing manufacturer wanted to create a digital ecosystem for primary and secondary salesforce and distributors

  • Huge network of distributors across the channel 
  • Onboarding new distributors regularly required a platform to manage everything related to them 
  • No automation led to delays in the process, redundancies, and silos.
  • Maintaining pricing for separate vendors was a challenge. This was critical for rolling out various sales motivation initiatives.

Why Salesforce & UBSdigiCloud?

  • Salesforce tops the list in terms of relationship management. So, when it came to distribution relationship management, the CRM was a top choice. 
  • UBSDigiCloud implemented Sales and Community Cloud and integrated BMT on COH ERP to reflect relevant data to primary sales teams and secondary sales channels.
  • Also recommended and successfully integrated with StockProfiler to enable efficient stock movement tracking across the channel. 

After: 360-degree automation and digital transformation of DRMS (Distribution Relationship Management)

  • We digitized the entire onboarding and announcement process and implemented Special Pricing Module.
  • We also helped the bearing manufacturer to set up optimized Beat planning and PJP using technology levers. 
  • The integration helped implement loyalty and reward management for dealer MDF through third-party execution with fair execution and offered special pricing discounts at invoicing level to maintain pricing parity across the channel.
  • The implementation also enabled them to deploy proactively scheduled e-maintenance across the globe using automatic case creation in Salesforce based on device readings.

Efficiency gains

Real-time distributor relation management 

The leadership could access on spot stock movement across the channel.

Improved relationships

One platform with all history and transactions smoothened processes and enhanced relations with individual and multiple distributors.

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