INR 50+ Billion Leading Venture in Lighting and Electrical Consumer Durables Supercharged Their Pan-India Sales Operations with Salesforce

INR 50+ Billion Leading Venture in Lighting and Electrical Consumer Durables Supercharged Their Pan-India Sales Operations with Salesforce


Electrical Manufacturer




INR 50+ Billion

Company Overview

The electrical manufacturing company is a prominent Indian consumer company with a rich brand history of over 90 years. Under professional management, it operates in two main business segments, namely Lighting and Electrical Consumer Durables. With a vast range of products, it offers customers over 16,000 SKUs to choose from.

UBSdigiCloud’s biggest strength is their consulting and advisory support. The way they understood all our challenges and came up with reasonable solutions was impressive. We have been able to multiply sales productivity with the automation offered by the Salesforce platform and support provided by UBSdigiCloud team.

Chief Technology Officer, Electrical Manufacturing Company

Before: challenges in tender management, dealer opportunity management and custom product process

With 100+ pan-India users, the company faced challenges in these key areas-

  • Tender opportunity- They needed categorization to handle clauses and decide whether they needed a partner to meet their needs. Cross-company proposal/joint bidding was a limitation.
  • The workflow required the BD team to get brand approvals from the required party before proceeding further, leading to delays. 
  • Handling 3rd party consultants working with the government required managing proposals and a platform to showcase all history. 
  • Dealer opportunity management: It had to be closed in the same month (Default). Next month, new had to be created if it was not closed by the dealer.
  • Custom products process: It required involving product managers, procurement, supply chain, etc., to get the selling price. As there were separate product owners, there was a lengthy process for approval. 
  • Order scheduling was complicated: For example, for 1000 bulbs – invoice schedule before marking closed Won was required. 

Why Salesforce & UBSdigiCloud?

  • Salesforce CRM is a leading platform for B2B process integration. It offers one unified system for Lead, Account and Opportunity management – just what our electrical manufacturing client was looking for. 
  • UBSdigiCloud assisted the client in achieving lead management by implementing a turn-key project management solution using Salesforce custom technology. 
  • Integrated Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Custom CPQ solution for specific needs.  

After: B2B sales process automated, faster quotation, quick information retrieval

  • UBSdigiCloud prepared a sales transformation consultation strategy to empower the company’s 100+ users across the country. 
  • Implemented Salesforce to facilitate the migration of master data and streamline the complex tender execution process, enabling a successful sales strategy. 
  • The Salesforce Customer product success tool was utilized to involve multiple stakeholders, such as product managers, procurement, and supply chain, in the process. 
  • All product scheduling and lead management was digitalized, improving speed to market and time to value. 
  • Salesforce Custom CPQ enabled better decision-making for custom product pricing. 

Efficiency gains

100+ pan-India users aligned 

Sales transformation consultation strategy enabled and aligned users company-wide. 

Tender execution process streamlined 

Automated complex pricing approval logic and authority, bid planning and the complete tender process. 

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