Lahori Zeera adds ‘Tech Tang’ to its Zingy Beverage Brand with Uneecops x SAP Platinum Partner

Lahori Zeera adds ‘Tech Tang’ to its Zingy Beverage Brand with Uneecops x SAP Platinum Partner






INR 250 CR


Punjab, India

Company Overview

Started in 2017, Lahori Zeera is a fast-growing Indian beverage brand with a state-of-the-art, fully automated manufacturing unit that spans over 150 thousand sq. ft. With precision and efficiency, the company produces a remarkable 2.5 million bottles of tangy goodness each day, with supply in 8 states and over 8000+ sale points. The company focuses on bringing Indian flavors to beverages with a firm commitment to environmental sustainability and saving water.

Technology, along with SAP, occupies a significant position in shaping the organization we aspire to build. It stands at the forefront of our growth trajectory, serving as the foundation upon which our systems are built. We selected Uneecops as an implementation partner based on peer recommendations, and they have proven to be an invaluable partner in constructing a robust and challenging architecture. Their patience, understanding, and professional approach have been commendable throughout the execution process.

Saurabh Munjal,
Co-founder, Lahori Zeera

Before: Man-dependent organization scaling at a rapid pace needed systems in place

  • Data storage pain points: As the volume of data grew, managing and storing it became a major challenge. Traditional methods of data storage were no longer sufficient, and the need for efficient and scalable solutions arose.
  • Time-taking business decisions: With the increasing complexity and magnitude of business operations, decision-making processes became time-consuming. The absence of streamlined workflows and real-time access to critical information hindered the organization’s ability to make quick and informed decisions.
  • Tracking funds: As the organization expanded, tracking and accounting for funds in real-time became a challenge. Additionally, identifying customers accurately and efficiently posed difficulties due to manual processes.

Why SAP & Uneecops?

  • Beyond a certain scale, being dependent solely on human resources was no longer feasible. The organization recognized the need for systems and automation to enhance efficiency and accuracy.  
  • SAP is a world-recognized and accepted model of ERP. It is tried and tested by companies across the world. 
  • Uneecops is a preferred implementation partner for SAP ERP. We are India’s SAP Platinum Partners. 
  • After thorough research, survey and peer suggestions, Lahori Zeera chose Uneecops as their IT modernization partner. 

After: Early gains in terms of payment automation, team empowerment and supply chain management

  • SAP Platinum Partner offered real-time visibility into financial transactions, enabling accurate and up-to-date accounting of funds.  
  • SAP Platinum Partner greatly improved the company’s payment systems integration. Daily payments could be efficiently tagged, enabling better tracking and reconciliation. The automation of receipts streamlined the payment process, reducing manual effort and ensuring accuracy. 
  • The ability to conduct real-time accounting of funds improved financial management and decision-making based on forecasts.  
  • SAP training enhanced team motivation and confidence in handling tasks efficiently.    
  •  By leveraging the benefits of SAP, Lahori Zeera improved overall operational efficiency. These advantages contribute to the company’s growth and success in the dynamic business landscape. 

Efficiency gains

Complete bank integration 

Enablement of cross-functional teams to see real-time transactions  

360-degree efficiency  

Across inventory, order and raw material management   

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