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Decision Making

Leverage the power of analytics to respond to new opportunities, drive business growth and reveal hidden intelligence.

Uneecops offers a comprehensive range of Business Intelligence services which help its clients to access innumerable business insights for faster and more informed decision making. Uneecops BI solutions are technology neutral, allowing 100% compatibility across popular BI technologies and data visualization tools like Tableau and Microsoft Power BI to deliver user-friendly reports and intuitive intelligence from complex organizational data.

Our Services

Here is an overview of our service offerings:

BI Consulting

Uneecops helps customers convert organizational data into actionable insights and resolve business analytics challenges ranging from ideation to implementation.

We help companies in analysing raw data, implementing BI solutions and explore big data opportunities arising from SAP, SAP BW, MongoDB and various RDBMS (SQL, MySQL, Oracle, IBM).

BI Development

We help companies choose a BI technology, develop it and help them run it as intended. Our BI development services include identifying suitable BI technology, developing a data warehouse, setting up ETL, data cleaning, delivering OLAP/ROLAP, building customized dashboards and selling software license.

Data Visualization

With data visualization in our portfolio of BI services, we help our customers uncover new patterns and insights on the fly with visual context, patterns, trends and correlations that might go undetected in text based data which is quite important in decision making.

Besides, we help create custom geo-analytic reports using location-based data combined with powerful analytics which puts information at your fingertips.

Dashboard Development

We develop customized, visually alluring dashboards which are clean, attractive, easily understandable with extraordinary data visualization ability.

We empower businesses to create simple yet comprehensive reports that provide all the needed information in the prescribed formats, facilitating trend monitoring and faster decision making.

BI Data Warehousing

We design robust data warehouse frameworks that integrate various data sources and different models to meet client requirements. We help create a central repository that helps businesses solve questions with logic & reasoning.

Our Service Offerings:

  • Data Warehouse Designing
  • Database Modelling & Centralization
  • ETL Design & Development
  • Ad-hoc Report Development

BI Managed Services

Our certified BI experts help companies conduct health-checks & audits to find out if the BI technologies used are meeting business requirements and suggest possibilities for improvement.

Our Service Offerings:

  • Complete BI portfolio management with ensured quality enhancement and paramount customer satisfaction.
  • Eliminate gray areas arising due to lack of knowledge, expertise and undisciplined processes.
  • Execute Managed Services Programs with optimum monitoring & management of your systems.

BI Training

Uneecops provides comprehensive BI training services to its clients and partners in order to build their expertise to address reporting, ad-hoc reporting, and analytics / BI needs.

These trainings are aimed at improving proficiency level of using BI tools like Tableau & Power BI which can help businesses make informed decisions based on their unique business requirements.

Why Uneecops?

The key differentiators which make us stand out from competition

Uneecops is a technology neutral IT solutions company that understands each enterprise and business is unique and hence a one-size-fits all solution can’t be implemented everywhere. Our team of highly qualified experts help businesses to identify problem statement and recommend most appropriate technology solution best suited for their business needs.

No matter the complexity of your business problem, our BI experts offer comprehensive support while ensuring highest quality standards as a part of our delivery approach.

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