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Tableau is a game-changer for your fast-growing business. It delivers real-time data-driven insights, accelerates the pace of business, sparks innovation, and fosters collaboration and visibility over the entire business. However, implementing Tableau software could be challenging if the right partner is not engaged. Uneecops as your Tableau implementation partner in India can successfully implement Tableau in your business landscape with a high satisfaction score.

Uneecops has successfully deployed over 120+ Tableau implementations across industry verticals and made it smoother and successful. Our implementation strategy addresses your frequent business requirements and implementation challenges.

Move to Tableau Efficiently With the Best Tableau
Implementation Partner

Get the leadership and expertise you need to successfully implement Tableau in your enterprise. We frame out the best Tableau implementation
plan to help you achieve your business goals faster.

  • Plan your Tableau implementation scope

  • Design your implementation solution

  • Perform quality assurance audits

  • Perform configuration audits

  • Do data cleansing and migration

  • Release production cutover

  • Perform documentation

  • Render proactive support

Get Expert Guidance From
Uneecops Tableau Experts

Mitigate all your ongoing complexities with the best Tableau implementation partner in India

  • “I want to embark on Tableau Journey but apprehensive about data integrity issues.”

  • “I am ready to make a switch from Excel to Tableau software but fear user adoption challenges.”

  • “I want to play safe as I fear losing my enterprise data.”

  • “I want to implement Tableau but doubt it can meet my industry-specific requirements.”

Why choose Uneecops?

Uneecops as a Silver partner of Tableau understands each enterprise and business is unique and hence a one-size-fits-all solution can’t be implemented everywhere. Our team of highly qualified Tableau experts help businesses identify their challenges, analyze the scope of the project and plan the way Tableau implementation has to be designed and executed.

  • Uneecops CMMi level 5 750+ Employees
  • Uneecops Customers 75+ Certified experts
  • Uneecops Tableau Clients 120+ Tableau clients
  • Uneecops Geographical Location 100+ Implementations
  • Uneecops Industry Locations 9+ INDUSTRY

Trusted as the Best
Tableau Implementation Partner in India

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Frequently asked questions

We're here with some of the top questions and answers to navigate the journey of Tableau Implementation seamlessly.

Tableau is an enterprise-ready software which is the market-leading choice for modern business intelligence. It is simple to use with drag and drop functionality. You can solve real business problems with Tableau by analyzing meaningful insights in no time. Tableau software can meet the needs of all your users; for instance sales users, finance users, regardless of their skill set. So, it is a powerful BI and analytics tool widely used in India.

Tableau implementation is important so as to start using this BI software as per your exact business needs. When you implement Tableau in your business, you can get multiple benefits in interesting ways. You can get actionable insights on the fly. You can make informed decision-making by focusing on facts and figures. This helps you to plan better and reach a better way to perfection. Further, you can implement Tableau as per your industry-based need such as Pharma companies can customize dashboards accordingly as Retail or F&B companies.

You can have Tableau creator, explorer and viewer licenses by which you can select your deployment option and pricing will be based on the mix of user types. For more details, you can approach one of the leading Tableau silver partners such as pricing for a better price matrix.

Tableau is super easy and we swear by it. There is no major learning curve to start using this BI software and creating intuitive dashboards. It is as simple as creating a new worksheet. You need to click the New Dashboard icon and drag what you want to showcase to the dashboard. The Uneecops Tableau team can guide you better using Tableau dashboards super easily.

We need to buy a license for using Tableau software. However, if you wish to see a demo of the same you can approach one of the trusted Tableau partners such as Uneecops. They can demonstrate to you real-time working with Tableau and how it can leverage it to make actionable insights, intuitive dashboards and multiple reports. There are Tableau creator, explorer and viewer licenses that you can use as per your specific business requirements.

Uneecops can guide you through the journey of Tableau implementation. Uneecops has successfully deployed over 120+ Tableau across industry verticals and made it successful. Its implementation strategy addresses your frequent business requirements and ongoing challenges. The partner has over 12+ industry experience in implementing Tableau. Plus, they have clients like Patanjali, Mother Dairy, DS Group, PNB housing and Global logic to name a few.

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