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As Tableau Gold Partner, we’ve made a name for ourselves as BI Experts who know Tableau inside and out. Our certified BI consultants can help you find the ideal licensing option to suit your needs & make the most of your investment. Our data scientists can easily plug into your organization and help you leverage Tableau to its fullest.

Tableau Plans

Choose the right mix Tableau license types to meet the unique needs of your organization

  • Creator

    Every deployment requires at least one Creator

    Powerful Suite that supports end-to-end analytics workflow & provides business insights.

    Includes: Tableau Desktop, Tableau Prep Builder, and one Creator license of Tableau Server.

  • Explorer

    Every deployment requires at least one Explorer

    Full self-service analytics pack that lets you explore trusted data & answer your question faster.

    Includes: One Explorer license of Tableau Server.

  • Viewer

    Every deployment requires at least one Viewer

    Ease to use & secure visualization platform that lets you view & interact with dashboard.

    Includes: One Viewer license of Tableau Server.

Discover the Tableau License Cost in India

The Tableau cost depends on the three Tableau License types - Tableau creator license, Tableau viewer license and Tableau explorer license. Check our Tableau license cost to understand Tableau pricing and which licence type can be suitable for your business. Uneecops can guide you in case of any questions or concerns.

Tableau Product Tableau Creator License
(For Individuals)
Tableau Creator License
(For Teams & Organizations)
Tableau Viewer License
(For Teams & Organizations)
Tableau Explorer License
(For Teams & Organizations)
Tableau License Cost Per User $70USD/user/month
billed annually
$70 user/month | billed annually $15 user/month | billed annually $42 user/month | billed annually
Includes Tableau Prep Builder,
Tableau Desktop.
1 Creator license of Tableau Online or Tableau Server
Tableau Desktop, Tableau Prep Builder, and one Creator license on Tableau Online. One Viewer license of Tableau Online. One Explorer license of Tableau Online.

So how many Creators, Explorers and Viewers license do I need?

Good question because that depends on your company size, as well as skills and needs of those who work there.

Tableau Creator License

Who is it for?

As the name implies creator licenses are meant for those people who are responsible for creating and distributing reports in your organization. Those who are responsible for performing ad-hoc analysis to gain access to key business insights and trends. Quite often these are created on an excel sheet and shared with multiple stakeholders via email or a shared drive. Usually, this process is cumbersome, chaotic & error-prone.

And, what they can do?

Using Tableau your Creators can bring order to chaos. The Tableau Creator license helps you clean & prep the data, conduct complex analysis and generate a visually appealing dashboard at lightning speed. Its powerful analytics empowers you to unlock your organization data and discover actionable business insights. These users or team members will create content, data visualizations, and data sources that will further be leveraged by other users (explorer & viewers) on the Tableau platform. Scroll below to learn about the Tableau license cost per user.

Tableau Explorer License

Who is it for?

Explorers are meant for all modern users who want to dive deeper into the data and find answers to the most pressing questions. Those who want to come outsides the confines of static reports and seek answers to important questions at the drop of a hat. Often, these professionals relied heavily on legacy software and excel sheets to gain actionable insights. But, the entire process was leading to multiple complexities in terms of errors, confusion, and conflicts.

And, what they can do?

Tableau brings a great respite to all Explorers. Tableau empowers them to build their new workbooks on their own all through the mobile functionality. Tableau Explorer License can scan information faster than before. Reporting becomes faster and Explorers can get answers to their immediate concerns without any bottlenecks. Your team is empowered to explore their data and get answered in real-time. Find out our Tableau pricing and Tableau licence cost below.

Tableau Viewer Licence

Who is it for?

This license type is for the Viewers in your organization. Viewers are the ones who use data to make actionable business decisions. These viewers could be anyone in your organization. They need data to rest their analysis of facts and figures. Viewers can be anyone from a team member to business managers to CEO who wants to gain a 360 view of the business.

And, what they can do?

Tableau brings major self-service capabilities to Viewers as they can get information faster at the speed of thought. Using Tableau Viewer Licence, viewers can make confident business decisions and be informed at every business conversation. Tableau can help your team to be on the same page and they can be more certain while making data-driven decisions. Explore our Tableau cost and Tableau pricing India below.

About Tableau

Recognized as a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics & BI Platforms for 10 consecutive years, Tableau is a self-service business intelligence software that helps people & companies see, understand and transform data into actionable insights. From global enterprises to early-stage startups and small businesses, Tableau lets you explore visual analytics, build dashboards and perform ad hoc analyses.

Watch Tableau in Action!

Learn what Tableau can do for your business

Tableau Benefits

Tableau comes power-packed with an array of features to meet all your BI needs of your organization

  • Quick Analytics

    Connect & visualize data at 10 to 100x faster than any other existing tool & gain access to insights

  • Any Data, Any Type

    Explore any data in any format from excel sheets to databases to Hadoop to cloud services.

  • Auto Updates

    Get access to fresh data using a live connection to your database or schedule automatic updates.

  • Ease to Use

    Intuitive drag & drop methodology to analyse data. No programming knowledge required.

  • Smart Dashboards

    Get rich data insights with the help of visualization using powerful dashboards.

  • Share Instantly

    Publish dashboards & share live updates on web & mobile in just a few clicks.

Tableau Features

Tableau comes packed with an array of features to meet all your BI needs

  • Self-Service BI No expertise required! Create and share compelling reports & interactive dashboards on your own in a matter of minutes. Easily find, monitor, explore and share actionable data insights.

  • Data Visualization

    Data Visualization Create beautiful and insightful reports and dashboards with a simple drag-and-drop interface. Use its powerful visualization tool to unleash relevant business insights.

  • Powerful Analytics

    Powerful Analytics Meet the entire needs of your organization with powerful analytics. Quickly find answers to your company’s most important questions anywhere, anytime.

  • Data Source

    Data Source Effortlessly connect & import data from disparate data sources ranging from files, feeds, databases, cloud drives, myriad business applications & even in-house apps.

  • Data Blending

    Data Blending Create functional reports which are easy to comprehend and bring your data to life when you uncover new business opportunities.

  • Beautiful dashboards

    Beautiful dashboards Create an aesthetically beautiful and intuitive dashboard with a few simple clicks and an exceptionally easy user interface. Easily format text, insert images and add widgets with a designer-friendly layout.

  • Highly Secure

    Highly Secure Security is the first and most critical essential of Tableau. It helps organizations promote trusted data sources for all users to make the right decisions at the right time.

  • On-Cloud

    On-Cloud Get up and running in no time! Tableau is a fully hosted cloud solution which allows instant setup and is a highly scalable option for your evolving business needs.

Uneecops as a Tableau Partner

Uneecops a CMMi level 5 technology company and one of the top Tableau partners offers end-to-end Business Intelligence services Business Intelligence services to some of the leading brands in India

  • 100+ Successful Implementations

    With over 100+ successful BI implementation across 21 industry verticals, Uneecops brings experience & time tested methodologies to the table for stress free implementation.

  • Transparent pricing, no hidden cost

    Uneecops believes in full disclosure to foster trust & long term relationship with our customers. Our transparent Tableau license cost model is amazingly simple. No surprises. No hidden charges.

  • Flexibility, scale as you grow

    Uneecops offers its customers to deploy Tableau confidently at “scale as you grow” model offering mid sized companies to keep their IT overhead cost in check with cloud hosting services.

  • Quick & stress free deployment

    Get up and running in weeks no matter the complexity of your business problem, our BI experts offer comprehensive support as a part of our delivery approach.

  • 75+ Data Scientists

    Our team of expert data scientists helps you uncover patterns & relationships that offer a more detailed solution to your business challenges, even the ones you never knew existed.

  • More than just License Selling

    End-to-end business intelligence services ranging from BI consulting, data visualization, warehousing to dashboarding & more that help you make informed business decisions.

Trusted By The Best In The Industry

Uneecops is a brand that inspires trust and admiration amongst the industry leaders.

Frequently asked questions

We're here with some of the top questions and answers to navigate the journey of Tableau License types seamlessly.

Tableau License is not that expensive if we view from the angle the value it holds for your business. Tableau holds immense capabilities in rendering actionable insights with simple drag and drop functionality to even a nontechnical user. It is that simple. Plus, the Tableau license can be easily availed and comes under budget by fast-growing organizations who want to run agile and grow sustainably. Uneecops offers competitive Tableau license cost per user.

Uneecops is the best destination to get Tableau software. It is one of the best leading Tableau partners in India who have carried out several projects on Tableau. Uneecops has 50+ Tableau experts and has an impressive clientele base to name a few. Be it Patanjali, Sula Vineyard, ColdEX, Mother Dairy and Global Logic, we have carried out an implementation for all.

Yes, we can certainly use Tableau for less than 100 users. You can talk to one of our Uneecops experts and they will provide you with the best solution available.

The cost of Tableau explorer, creator and viewer is Rs 5292. Tableau Creator licence is Rs. 2646 for Tableau Explorer and Rs 907 for Tableau Viewer. However, this price can vary. The best thing is to contact Uneecops as a Tableau implementation partner. We will discuss the Tableau licence cost in India and give you the best Tableau cost quote.

You can easily buy a Tableau cloud license from Uneecops. Our Tableau experts ensure that you get the appropriate license type corresponding to your exact business requirements. We provide Tableau cloud licenses with no hidden costs or surprises.

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