4 Major Benefits of Cloud For Small Businesses

  • 25 January 2017
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Cloud is not just a buzzword that’s buzzing the industry from last few years. It has transformed businesses of all sizes since its inception, and it’s not some fancy thing meant for large enterprises only. In fact, you’ve a lot to gain from it if you’re a small business. Yes – cloud can help your small business in many ways, and we’re going to look on 4 such ways in this article. Let’s get started:

#1. Focus on More Important Things

If you’re not in the core IT business, there certainly are better things to do for you than managing servers. Technology is a powerful tool for you to manage your business professionally, efficiently and effectively. It’s important, but it’s certainly not as important as some other functions in your business, the functions on which you should be spending the most of your time. Fortunately, cloud based erp solutions can provide you the power of technology without requiring you to waste time managing servers.

#2. Affordability

Cloud based business solutions can significantly cut your operating costs in many ways. First of all, they cost less upfront. Next, they also don’t require you to have your own hardware. You also don’t need to hire a specialist to implement and operate them. And as a side benefit, their costs also tend to be predictable in almost all cases, so you don’t need to keep calculating as well.

#3. More Security

If you implement all of your business software on premises, you’re responsible to keep it secure and up to date. If anything goes wrong, there’s no one else to claim because you might’ve averted the disaster. On the other hand, if your implementation was in the cloud, it’s the duty of cloud service provider to ensure security of your data. And big names in cloud industry understand this very well – after all, they’ve to cater to a lot of customers. So they do almost everything in their hands to keep their cloud services as up to date, secure and well maintained as possible, which means that your data and services are in secure hands.

#4. Agile Implementation

On premise installations of business software tend to be too technical and time consuming. Cloud, on the other hand, is all about agility. You can be up and running in little to no time.


With all these benefits, there’s rarely no reason to avoid implementing cloud solutions in your business. You should do it as soon as possible to avoid being outdone by your competitors.

Nidhi Batra

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