5 Reasons Why web-based ERP Solutions are Better than Server based Solutions

  • 10 April 2014
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This is a golden age of the internet and computing where trends like mobility, social networking platforms, various apps specialized in specific tasks and cloud computing have changed the way a human and machine interact. Not just that, the way information is stored, consumed and shared has been revolutionized. It becomes imperative that the myriad benefits offered by the internet domain should be utilised to the maximum. This stands true for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems too.

An ERP system helps in streamlining the various business processes and implementing it involves a lot of time, effort and money. The process of buying the license, installing the application, hiring the right people to train the staff and maintenance costs isn’t an easy one. To overcome these aspects, a web based ERP application is more ideal than a server based solution. A web based ERP has self service portals making communication between the vendors and the company seamless and convenient. In a web-based ERP system, the company can rent out application on a monthly basis rather than buying and maintaining it. The server is located with the vendor and end user uses the application through the internet and this makes Web based ERP more ideal as it cuts down the resources.  Apart from this advantage, we will list 5 more reasons why web-based ERP solutions are better than server based solutions.

Increased Security

Security is something that can’t be compromised with at any cost. With a web based ERP system one can be assured of high level of security as compared to that of a server based solution. The data is encrypted for security and protection. Passwords at the desired stages can be implemented, thus securing the data further. A server based ERP system would require extensive and highly costly security system. Various SAP Business One Implementation services will gladly help you understand this better.

Management of Resources

A lot of time is spent for the implementation and running of a server based solution system. Managing a lot of resources that are involved in the system is a cumbersome task. On the other hand, a web based ERP system solution allows one to manage resources with ease. Furthermore, it reduces overall long term costs too.


One of the most important features in any business application is the ability to access data as and when required. A web-based ERP solution gives one the advantage of the same. Accessing data with ease is a major comfort that web-based ERP system offers, unlike a server based solution. All the data can be stored and updated at a single point, thus eliminating the chance of duplication of data.


Any organizational system needs to be compatible with the new software solutions that are constantly developed every few days. It defeats the purpose if there is no compatibility. This issue will never arise in web-based ERP solutions as it is designed to adapt and update to any ‘new’ software. This ensured that all your data transfer incompatibilities are addressed to the fullest. A server based solution might need to be changed entirely if it isn’t compatible with any software, thus incurring more costs.


Upgradation of any software/solutions is a necessity to deal with design changes that are made to improve its functionality. Upgrading a server based ERP system is really tedious and time-consuming, with a high chance of facing glitches. On the other hand, you won’t face such a problem with a web based ERP as it is much easier to upgrade. The chances of getting stuck due to unavoidable glitches are also negligible. SAP Business One Implementation services offer a lot of required updates, thus making it convenient for you keep the software up-to date.

A lot of traditional server based ERP solutions are still in use, like the Microsoft Dynamics products which have two tiers client/server solutions with a Microsoft Windows only client app. Get in touch with SAP B1 implementation services to get a better perspective of the various facets of a web based ERP solution.

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