Now is the right time to invest on Cloud ERP solutions

  • 08 April 2014
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Cloud ERP solutions are steadily gaining popularity due to the unparalleled advantages that it offers. Cloud-based services have never been more reliable and secure. One of the primary reasons is because it allows one to access any amount of virtual data at any time in the most safe and secure way. It offers the benefit of mobility which the traditional on-premise ERP models. Other benefits one can enjoy are application availability, collaboration, resource management and cost control. Because of all these, there is no doubt whether or not one should take their ERP systems and other business applications to the cloud. In fact, a lot of SAP B1 partners in India agree that if one has to invest on Cloud ERP solutions then the time is now. If you are think otherwise, then read on. In this blog-post, we give you 5 important reasons why one should make a cloud-based ERP in their business soon.

1) Business anywhere, anytime, on any device

Business these days have crossed over borders of countries. It becomes increasingly necessary that any business process doesn’t face any disruptions because of that. Cloud based ERP offers a global availability due to the accessibility to the internet. Business processes can be performed from any corner of the world, without having the need to go anywhere or worrying about carrying out the processed based on different time-zones. Not to forget, Cloud ERP is compatible with mobile and similar digital devices. This ensures that you can do your business can be done from anywhere, at all times. SAP B1 partners in India can vouch for it.

2) Streamlined IT administration

It won’t be wrong to say that the IT department in your business structure would be amongst the first to benefit from Cloud ERP. Through the cloud, you can receive software updates, patches, and upgrades. This eliminates the constant need to check for updates and wasting time over outdated software. a great percentage of work-force can be re-allocated to do other important and significant business tasks instead of worrying over and keeping an eye out for the ‘next update’.

3) Easy, real-time collaboration

A lot of information is shared between many digital platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn etc, all of which are a part of cloud. Sharing information with them, collaborating with these platforms and integrating with them is a common activity now. Thanks to Cloud ERP, this becomes easier. Teams can now share any information through any of social media/digital platform through cloud. When one takes full advantage of the cloud in their business processes and communications, innovation is inevitable and processes becomes more definitive and effective.

4) Scalable, flexible resources

Any software when scalable should automatically become an indispensible part of the business structure. Cloud ERP is scalable and you can work with your cloud hosting service to extend your internal IT team with specific expertise in certain areas.  It also connects you with professional consulting services, call centers, etc. You can enjoy greater flexibility in planning your resources to suit the dynamic business environment.

5) Substantial cost savings

Money matters a lot in any business. Investing less and making more is the desired thing and if it goes the other way round, it can be disastrous. Cloud ERP is economical and also helps increase the savings as one doesn’t need to invest in servers and networking equipments time and again. You need not spend heavy amounts of money to protect important data and applications from unauthorized access or disastrous events. Any cloud based ERP system has multiple layers of data protection, redundancy, and physical safeguards in line with strict industry standards.

A system that offers so many benefits at low costs, along with an opportunity to have an edge over the competitors should not be overlooked for too long. If you haven’t adopted Cloud ERP yet, then you know what to do. Get in touch with your SAP Business one partner in India and get your business ‘clouded’.

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