Benefits of SAP Business One Add-Ons for different Industry Verticals

  • 25 February 2019
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Every company do things differently and need a solution to support their diverse business objectives and initiatives. This is why; SAP Business One add-ons is devised. ERP add-ons give more functionality that otherwise would not have existed before. There are a couple of benefits that you may experience once you implement add-ons in your ERP software for small business.

The SAP Business One add-on provides customers the ability to configure functionalities as per the specific business needs. The custom functionality allows users to configure functionalities and tasks that were previously possible with the costly and major development practices. SAP Business One add-ons extend the capability of the enterprise resource platform which is designed to accommodate the needs of companies to manage their operations seamlessly.

In this blog, we are uncovering the benefits of SAP Business One add-ons for different industry verticals that don’t just fit function but fit your needs precisely.


Trading business is replete with dynamic shift changes laded with perfection and speed. So, if you are a trader you would want to invest in a software that can help you achieve critical business objectives and uncover hidden insights on the fly. With add-ons specially designed for trading, it becomes relatively easier to keep a tab on real-time warehouse and inventory-reporting and track even minuscule details.


Managing the supply chain efficiently is always a focus of the dairy business. On the top of it, managing perishable food items and keeping the track of perishable items is much more complex. Customers are now more concerned with the quality of food, which is now forcing dairy companies to have an end to end traceability from raw material to finished product. With dedicated add-ons for your dairy business, it becomes relatively easy to offer great control over aspects like sales bulk billing, distribution management, and route management and more.


Pharma company faces a gamut of challenges as compared to other industries. Not only, it has to address those tough set of challenges in the shortest timeframe but also have to live up to the expectations which is growing. In this regard, to match the exact requirement of your Pharma business, SAP add-ons fits closet to your requirements. The add-ons help to keep a track on sensitive operations across the organization such as compliance, expiry management, costing, and simplify regulatory reporting.


It’s a dream of all manufacturers to react faster to dynamic market demands, predict operational issues and fast-track production lines. SAP Business One add-ons for manufacturing enables manufacturers to manage multiple manufacturing units and keep a tab on inventory, calculate work center cost per hour and conquer manufacturing challenges head-on.

Food & Beverages

Food & Beverages faces multiple challenges such as rising consumer demands, globalization, need for constant innovation, upcoming demands, margin squeeze, cost constraints, fierce competition, etc. Right from bulk manufacturers to short cycle produce, this industry is replete with challenges and opportunities to develop and deliver new products of superior quality which cater to today’s market demands.

With SAP Business One add-ons, it becomes relatively easy to improve the production process, QC management, discount management, production status management and more.

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