Benefits of using SAP Business One Add-Ons for Pharmaceuticals

  • 14 June 2019
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The pharmaceutical industry has shown significant growth in recent years. With increasingly high demand, the Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) are under increasing pressure to fulfill their customers’ needs. There are many challenges that these companies face, such as meeting the demand for faster drug development and production cycles, keeping a close eye on costs and observing increasingly stringent regulatory controls, reducing time-to-market and more.

Keeping all these challenges in mind, Uneecops has introduced an SAP Business One add on – Uneecops Plus+ for pharmaceuticals. It is packed with all the best practices of SAP Business One helping Pharma leaders to quickly take advantage of the latest SAP enterprise functions designed especially for this industry.

Stringent compliance practices are a necessary part of the Pharmaceutical industry. At the same time, the market is highly dynamic adding an additional dimension of challenges. Due to this, it becomes very important to introduce a system that can provide accurate and vital information in time. Uneecops Plus+ for Pharma is specially designed to integrate the ERP capabilities of SAP Business One. Be it compliance, expiry management, quality, costing, or any other information related to Pharma manufacturing processes across multiple units, Uneecops Plus+ helps Pharma businesses to keep a track sensitive operations across an organization.

Key features of Uneecops Plus+

  • It can manage and track all the desired information.
  • It tracks and validates inventory at the fingertips.
  • You can easily do batch planning, where Uneecops Plus+ automatically creates intermediate production orders.
  • The tool helps you generate automatic Batch Manufacturing Record (BMR) and Batch Production Record (BPR) template for Pharma leaders batches.
  • You can easily keep an online track of each and every stage of various batches.
  • There is a facility to perform yield calculation at every stage.

Uneecops Plus+ allows you to define routing or sequence for various stages or operations. It helps you in production batch planning, shelf life, and expiration date management, material-indent, formulation & dispensing. It also helps you keep a tab on Warehouse, BIN and container management.

The advantages of using Uneecops Plus+ are as follows:

  • Easily customizable – Based on the specific industry or business requirements, you can get tailor-made solutions.
  • Easily scalable – This means it is easy to upgrade and scale with upcoming innovations and customizations with cloud ERP software.
  • Seamless integration – It fits perfectly with standard SAP B1 ERP that helps in delivering enhanced and desired results.

If you adopt Uneecops Plus+ for Pharmaceuticals, it can help improve the efficiency of all your business operations. In addition to this, there can be an improvement in the productivity of employees and you can easily take care of market demands. Using this add on, you can easily integrate the functions of manufacturing, finance, and customer relationship management segments.

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