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  • 19 June 2019
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To survive and thrive in today’s difficult times, organizations need to be agile. They need to make informed decisions to adapt to new changes and implement new technologies to stay competitive. Are you planning to embark on new markets? Expand globally or acquire or merge companies? Cloud will get you there.

A cloud ERP system is just the right rocket fuel to your business needs to reach the next level. There are various reasons why so many companies are accelerating their move to the cloud.

Increase productivity

First, the move to Cloud would mean increased productivity across all employee roles, which includes eliminating mundane maintenance and time-consuming projects, providing better and clear reporting and maximizing the productivity levels.

Reduce Operational Costs

Since Cloud based ERP software gives the utmost flexibility to work in pay as you go model, it remarkably reduces operational costs. Today’s enterprises prefer to run smarter rather than investing in big servers and largely on networks and on-premises room of servers.

Support ever-changing business requirements

As you grow, your ERP cloud system will support ever-changing planning, budgeting, sales, finance, and forecasting needs. With advanced ERP, it becomes easy to improve financial, operational, and process excellence and gain the insights needed on time to hit new levels of insights needed for making informed business decisions. With cloud-based systems, it’s never been easier to gather timely and accurate data. Put simply, when the world is more uncertain, making sure your own data is properly analysed and actionable is the best way to manage risks and boost profitability.

Short implementation timelines

Implementation timelines for shifting to Cloud platforms are much shorter. Even a negligible amount of downtime is detrimental. Data is extremely important for any business, and therefore it requires utmost protection during migration and shift, as well as added security during the process and thereafter.

How do you get there with the minimal business disruptions? The short and simple answer is working together with the right SAP Business One partners who have decades of enterprise technology experience to execute a successful Cloud shift.

Assortment of benefits

Cloud deployments benefits are quite quantifiable as they bring greater return on investment in comparison to an on premise solution. Cloud deployments have an average of 2.3 times lower total cost of ownership when it comes to an on-premise solution. Plus, Cloud continues to provide benefits to customers and is generally faster and require fewer internal resources and investment.

ERP Cloud provides the foundation your business needs. Now, it is easy to standardize business processes, automate the mundane, and elevate the quality of key decisions with an enterprise-ready ERP. The future is here. Are you ready?

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