Can Cloud ERP be trusted? Mitigating concerns with the right move

  • 27 October 2020
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Cloud has become an integral piece of modernization as it enables your business to meet the need for scalability and innovation without any CapEx investment. Despite the many benefits that Cloud ERP has to offer, many organizations still harbor concerns about implementing Cloud ERP. While security concerns shouldn’t come in between in adopting Cloud technology, there are ways to mitigate these concerns by ensuring proper security techniques.  

So, if security breaches, data theft or any malicious activities in Cloud making you worried then it’s time to speak to Cloud ERP experts and keep this blog well in place.  

  •  Understand the essentials of backup and disaster recovery 

To minimize the impact of unplanned downtime and security breaches, it is vital to understand the essentials of backup and disaster recovery. Across industries, businesses recognize that downtime can be costly to a business. Natural disasters, human errors, security breaches and ransom attacks can halt business processes. The right partner like Uneecops can develop strategies and secure your data to avoid any consequences of downtime.  

  • Inquire about data centers and safety protocols 

Make sure to ask the cloud providers about the data centers and safety protocols they are using to keep your enterprise data free from any malicious attack or threat. Ensure their state-of-the-art data centers are regularly monitored to ensure business continuity. 

  • Talk about disaster recovery 

Can your business afford to neglect a backup or disaster recovery scenario? Given the amount of time and man-hours and customer trust you could lose in this case, investments in backup and disaster recovery are completely justified. Backup and disaster recovery plans help only if they are designed, deployed and tested long before they are needed. 

  • Ensure data backup is done to perfection 

Mitigate any occurrence of data errors and make sure data backup is done rightly. Avoid any probability of mishap or heavy mistakes. Make sure your enterprise data is safe and sound by keeping it separate from other customer data. Inquire about the high-level security access to enterprise data and know whether your data encryption is at the highest possible standards.  

  •  Measuring the risk factors with co-location data centers 

Are you sure your cloud vendor is not using any third-party co-location data centers? When you are choosing any Cloud ERP partner, make sure to mitigate any risks on all fronts. Ask about co-location data centers facility and its whereabouts. This will help you to measure and quantify any risk, if any with co-location data centers. 

  • Engaging with the right partner 

Half battle is won if you are engaged with the right partner from the beginning. The vendor plays a critical role in maintaining integrity of data. Visit their website, ask your friends, view success stories, awards and recognitions and look around for recommendations. Your vendor should know everything about high availability, disaster recovery, data encryption, 24 x 7 security monitoring, business continuity and much more. They should be familiar with strong authentication protocols that ensure your data is safe and secure at all times.

Cloud ERP offers an attractive business case with a pay-as-you-go model and helps you meet your cost and business-focused initiatives. To stay agile and resilient, fast-growing businesses cannot ignore its importance.  

Cloud is an awesome journey but you need to have the right partner like Uneecops by your side. Uneecops provides end-to-end managed services to keep you safe in the Cloud. So, whether you, evaluating the cloud architecture or want to know about disaster recovery options or just about anything related, we can help.

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